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Yami no Yume / Re: What made your day today?
« Last post by Milieva on December 25, 2017, 12:37:37 AM »
Today was the last day of work for 2017! Wheeeeeeeeee! ^___^

Always fantastic! 
as I've gotten older I've learned to consume my media more objectively and generously, and it's opened up a lot of characterization for me.  I shot my mouth off a bit early in the Hikaru Discussion thread, years ago, but I've learned how to reconcile the differences in her character and what annoyed me about it, I learned to "read" her differently.

I've also gotten less "fangirly" and more "emotionally compromised", especially reading the end of the manga.  I've been with Hikaru, Umi and Fuu for 17 years now, and they mean a lot to me and, honestly, to who I am.  I feel their feels.
Honto no Shiawase / Re: Which canon is your default?
« Last post by suzanami on December 22, 2017, 10:50:12 PM »
it's just so frustrating how the anime took one of the most important Themes of the manga story and slapped it in the face.  the rejection of self-sacrifice and Hikaru promising to herself that there will be no more meaningless deaths...  then they off Eagle to simplify the love triangle and for cheap emotional pull.  they could've easily had Eagle decide to back off Hikaru and Lantis romantically, that could be so moving if done well, but the writing in the anime is a bit clunky in general IMHO.

Hikaru was not willing to step over Eagle's body in order to assume the position of Pillar, she was ready to die with him first.  and she would've done that for anyone, and that is so important to her character, and how Umi and Fuu are the only reason she survived?  god the whole "friendship is magic" theme of the series comes to a head there.
And maybe even monsters might appear more if she's fearful or something.

Also, does Cephiro gets sad when she leaves???

L8 but oh my god I love this.  if I ever get back into writing/fic/drabbles there is some prime stuff right there.  I'm gonna be thinking about this :0
Himitsu no Kimochi / Re: Alcyone: A hated character in MKR
« Last post by suzanami on December 22, 2017, 10:42:26 PM »
Like, we know she learned magic from Clef to protect Emeraude, is that how they met? Other than maybe thinking hes good-looking, just what draws her to him enough that she wants to die with him? Did he ever do anything nice for her? Did someone else hurt her? Is this the latest in a string of bad relationships (or non-relationships) that just makes her give up hope for ever having a good one? Has she always had these kind of obsessive tendencies?

there's some damn good fic in there, especially the first one.
If I remember right, Fuu is the chef of the bunch and could probably make just about anything if she put her mind to it. Umi makes cakes, cookies, and sweets ... all the yummy stuff! XD And Hikaru ... well I can only see her going for take out. Poor Hikaru-chan ... ^_^;;
Yami no Yume / Re: What made your day today?
« Last post by Shiidou Hikaru on December 22, 2017, 03:23:41 AM »
Today was the last day of work for 2017! Wheeeeeeeeee! ^___^
Yami no Yume / Re: Introductions
« Last post by Shiidou Hikaru on December 22, 2017, 03:21:06 AM »
Hihi milady! It's always good to meet another Rayearth fan! :)
Well, now that you mention headcanons, Down, one of my own seems like it might be relevant to this discussion.

I headcanon Ferio as being someone who’s tried but found they had pretty much zero aptitude for magic. And as such, he doesn’t believe he could be any help to Emeraude. Maybe he even tried a stint in the Guard but found that wasn’t for him either.

So, when the end seems to be coming, well, one has to get through the Forest of Silence to get to the (Weirdo) Fountain of Eterna, he’s got just as much chance as anybody, but even that effort’s kind of half-hearted, as he’s not really sure he could bring himself to kill his sister himself, even though he knows it has to be done.
I think he absolutely knew the whole truth. He's probably hoping it's not ALL true. But everything they say matches up to what he knows. 

I think that's one reason why he ran (though not as far as Lantis) and lived incognito and AWAY FROM EVERYONE. Even wandering about as a traveling entertainer seems to have gone right out of the window now things are going down. He's staying far enough away that he doesn't have to know when things start going wrong. That's why they're confirming things - all he's trying to do from the start is work out if they're really the potential magic knights, if things have got that far.

I think he may have been trying to find the escudo because if HE had it then the knights wouldn't have their swords wouldn't be able to summon the mashin wouldn't be able to hurt her. But I think mostly that's just a story he was using to be able to stay with the Knights and watch them, see if they were the real deal. When they start dealing with Alcyone, that's when he knows it IS real, and knows what's coming. But they're GOOD PEOPLE, too.

I would not put it past him to have thought of getting rid of them himself. But Emeraude would just summon more people - and he knows his sister hasn't got this wrong. That's why he's been watching them.

That's why he lets them go, and then goes back to the place he's doing some good, because I think Ferio is actually in the Forest of Silence because he's trying to keep the nightmares from escaping and hurting people and Cephiro. I think he's patrolling it because that's all he can think of to do to help - he knows this is his sister's wish. He knows he can't fight it. He probably doesn't want to hang about a bunch of people who think that the magic knights are going to turn up and rescue her - because how painful would THAT be? So he's exiled himself to do what he can to help Cephiro stay whole just a little longer, to help his sister just a little longer.

I think, also, that this has been coming for long enough that it's been years since he knew this was coming. He's been mourning her the whole time, just as Clef has been, just as Lantis is mourning for his. Even if he's been pretending otherwise, even if he's been hiding where he wouldn't hear any rumours, even if he's been waiting where he's bound to run across anyone trying to get to Eterna - even if he's been watching the monsters increase and now they're confirming it's people's fears because this is going down NOW. All they're doing is confirming what he didn't want to know until he had to. (We have a panel of him, eyes shadowed, as he accepts this - just like the panels of Clef's eyes being hidden as he doesn't tell them the truth.) And he won't tell them who he is.

And that's why he's able to put on a front and why he's still standing in Rayearth 2 - he's been in mourning since before she died. At least they ended things. At least they granted his sister's wish.

She was the Pillar. He could never have stopped her wish. And he knew it.

He doesn't contradict what Clef told them. He gives them a bit more information. He's probably still hoping that somehow they might help her, some other way, if they don't know their own purpose, but he won't go with them and he won't watch this go down.

The whole 'Zagato stealing Emeraude away' thing - he probably knows it's not that simple, but he also knows that she loves Zagato, she might go with him willingly, he might tear her away from the world to try to protect her - it doesn't matter what the actual truth is, because the only thing it means is his sister has not come back to soothe her people and her land, and that means this is the ending.

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