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Sayonara no Hanataba / Re: Dreamwidth
« Last post by Down on December 04, 2018, 10:00:20 PM »
I'm down
Yumeiro no Tsubasa / Re: The Official Bug DOWN to Write Thread
« Last post by Milieva on December 02, 2018, 01:20:59 PM »
NaNo 2! Muahahahahaha!
Mokona no Yume / Re: Contraception in Cephiro
« Last post by VKiera on December 02, 2018, 12:46:54 AM »
It's not something that comes up a lot for me in my stuff, but I would guess potions of some sort to prevent pregnancy. I guess you could also say willpower for strong willed people, but that is less reliable than potions, maybe magic charms as well? Even certain plants or herbs, wasn't there supposedly some plant the Roman's used to prevent unwanted pregnancy so much it went exteinct?  I feel like Cephiro would have a lot of options.
Yumeiro no Tsubasa / Re: Grižian and Frižian
« Last post by Down on December 01, 2018, 03:51:14 PM »
I really want to see some of the later fic >DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Yumeiro no Tsubasa / Re: The Official Bug DOWN to Write Thread
« Last post by Down on December 01, 2018, 03:49:39 PM »



Setsunakute / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Down on December 01, 2018, 03:46:37 PM »
WAIT I should probably have put the Mendolssohn over here.

MENDOLSSOHN'S VIOLIN CONCERTO IN E MINOR. Various versions. (I don't own one so it's whatever I find on youtube/spotify).
Setsunakute / Re: Current Favourite Songs
« Last post by Down on December 01, 2018, 03:45:20 PM »
..............not precisely a 'song' but the last thing I've deliberately listened to is Mendolssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor.

For Orchestra AU reasons mostly.

Yasashiku Dakasete / Re: 2017 Rewatch Thread List
« Last post by Down on December 01, 2018, 03:42:24 PM »
I'm so sad I missed the rewatch last year! :'(
Let me know if you're planning a new rewatch soon. I'll try to follow the schedule next time  ;)

I'm sure we'll do one at some point - Mils and I were thinking of, at some point, doing a rewatch where we do a post with our commentary for each episode, and people can respond/add their own commentary onto the post, which would be easier to come back and join in the discussion later on. But we've only just started thinking about it! It would hopefully have fewer time-slot issues though as people could watch and add to the commentary when they are able to.
Rainy. Cloudy. Chilly.

That about sums it up!

I like the cooler weather better than the summer and spring, but this year I'm finding myself wishing there was more daylight for - possibly the first time. We're up to sunset at 4pm, and it's been dreary grey cloud with barely any rain and barely any light making it through for like two weeks now. I'd like a few nice crisp clear days to go out walking (not that you can't in this weather, but the colours are better on a clear day, there's still autumnal leaves about but they just look dark and moldy in the damp-dingyness.
Romansu no Mori / Re: They Fight Crime
« Last post by Down on December 01, 2018, 03:32:54 PM »
He's a Nobel prize-winning drug-addicted sorceror who believes he can never love again. She's a sarcastic Buddhist safe cracker with an MBA from Harvard. They fight crime!
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