Prompts and Ideas for Umi/Clef week!


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Prompts and Ideas for Umi/Clef week!
« on: September 05, 2017, 08:20:29 AM »
The official prompts for 2017 are-

Habits & Routines
Caught in bed together
Because I want to see your smile
Water & Electricity
Poor Impulse Control

I personally get very little out of most one word prompts and like a full sentence of seven to run off with, so I am toying with some silly nonsense spawned from discussions related to the prompts.

I'm currently writing (and planning to write):

A Tea Shop AU: Umi owns a small tea house, and Clef is a new professor at the university who becomes a regular.

Crack Pregnancy Fic: Poor impulse control at it's finest, with magical sex changes and other nonsense. Totally canon compliant, though.

Masquerade Ball: Umi and Clef run into each other at a masquerade ball

Princess AU: Umi is a princess and Clef is the court master mage.

Prequel to Sanctuary: The first time Umi sees Clef all grown up/The first time Clef notices Umi's not quite a child anymore

Soulmate AU: Complete nonsense that Down cracked me up with.  It's going to be short, but sweet.

Other things I plan to post:

Some art!  I want to draw Umi as the Guru, and Clef possibly being happily retired in the background. There are a few other things I want to doodle too.  I should get on that at some point.

At least one Playlist.  Maybe two.  The general Umi/Clef one I currently have and the Sanctuary playlist to start.

What are others planning to work on? 

Does anyone else have any sort of fic they want to see?
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