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Hikari no Tsubasa / Make Shinomu Draw 2k16
« on: November 06, 2016, 11:23:01 PM »
Basically, this is a challenge? I want to draw more fanarts for this fandom. Also, Iím in a festive mood and wanted to gift the fandom somehow? Idk.

Hereís how the thing works:

1.   Rec me a fic.
2.   Tell my why itís wonderful.
3.   Point a chapter/scene/line that really struck you visually, something you think should be framed and hanged on a wall.
4.   If itís more of an introspective type of chapter/scene/line tell me how you visualized the whole thing. The more descriptive the better!

So, stuff you should know:

   > I'll begin drawing when my break starts mid-december.
   > Iíll take my time with it! Some drawings might come easier than others, and I donít plan on following the order of recs.
   > I definitely donít work well with super vague, non-visual stuff. So, if the scene doesnít have some sort of visual description GIVE ME SOME, build on the fic. You enjoyed it, so you probably visualized the whole thing, right? Whatís the character doing while the whole thinking is going on? Are they laying down? Playing with their hair? Someone elseísí hair? A trinket? Are they looking at their ceiling? What kind of lamp is hanging? You knowÖ descriptive material for me to work with.

So thatís it, hope you guys like it and challenge me here! Gimme the fics!!!!!!


Hikaru x Lantis x Eagle OT3 flail/spam/appreciation thread!

all your feels, be they long-winded essays or just flailing shrieks, go here!  spam away!

Ship Apprecitation Thread Guidelines:
  • Keep content here PG-13. Feel free to leave any filth in Rarabai. You can link to higher-rated stuff, just mark it as such.
  • This is a feel-good thread. If you don't personally ship it you can still post here as long as what you have to say is positive (or at the very least neutral) towards the ship.

Anata Ga Oshiete Kureta / The crazy Once Upon a Time AU
« on: December 28, 2012, 02:28:46 AM »
So there was a prompt on the clamp kink meme community a long time ago:

MKR: Hikaru/Lantis - Hikaru is the kindergarden teacher of Lantis' niece whom he's in charge of since his brother and sister-in-law died. Bonus for Lantis trying to be daddy-like.

And I decided to run away with it at the time...

This just gave me the most delusional idea about a crossover between MKR and Once Upon a Time, whereas Debonair put a curse on Cephiro and everyone was transported to Earth in order to never have a happy ending ever, and Lantis' niece (who could be a legitimate child of Em and Zag, but could also be something else) is the only one who knows about the true story because of a book given Clef, but can't convince anyone, specially how her uncle Lantis and kinder garden teacher 'Karu should be together forever being a power couple and saving the world with their friends.
And then there's Ferio being the awesome uncle who travels the world and never takes anything seriously until his niece forcefully makes him meet with Fuu, who's a computer engineer and friends with Hikaru.
Clef is the grumpy owner of the school (who may or may not think the child completely crazy), he also controls other shady organizations.
Umi is a business woman in power suits. Once she accidentally ran over a dog and desperately took it to the closest veterinary, the one Askot works at and Hikaru volunteers at.
Lantis works together with Eagle, Geo and Zazu at a technology enterprise. Eagle is the CEO, no one knows how to name what Geo does (he goes from bodyguard to business associate in the blink of an eye), Zazu invents stuff and Lantis does the job Eagle finds boring.
Fuu works for a technology company that sort of rivals Eagle's and keeps giving Zazu headaches for her flawless security net. SHe finds Ferio amusing when she meets him.

But then it decided to run away with me, and I keep getting all these ideas... ugh.

So basically, I wanted to write something with the structure of OUAT, meaning the current situation of the characters cursed on Earth dotted with flashbacks on how the whole story happened. Hikaru and Lantis would be sort of Snow White and Prince Charming since this is how the prompt induced this madness anyway... So "Hikaru is the kindergarden teacher of Lantis' niece", a girl yet-unnamed. Lantis is Eagle?s business partner on a technology enterprise.

I first though about Ferio as a traveler, but then there's the catch that they can't leave Tokyo. So I think he finds out that he somehow cannot leave the through usual means (his flights and trains get cancelled, there's always an accident when he tries leaving by car), so he starts to wander around the city and mapping out the limits he can go to without any harm. This is why he's always away, and pretends to Lantis and yet-unnamed niece he's off to some exotic country.

Also Clef became completely different? He?s the only one who retained his memory, but cannot tell anyone of this or there?d be consequences. So he decides to write the story of Cephiro as a children?s book. Said book is read by Hikaru in class one day and a little girl shows great interest over it? I think he?d play the part of a good Rumpelstiltskin?

I still want to keep that little story on how Umi met Hikaru and Askot on Earth, and her wearing power suits. But I don?t know which character to relate her with.

I?d like Fuu to be the Cricket, everyone?s conscience. But on Earth, she?d become a computer engineer. Since her fashion in the manga is very mori girl-esque, I think she?d like to stroll around woodlands to get away sometimes. This is when she meets Ferio and after they get to know each other a bit, he tells her about what he?s been doing and out of curiosity, Fuu helps him improve his maps and all.

This is some of the things that came to my mind, but I still need to figure out the whole background Cephiro story that lead to the curse. I'm borrowing Debonair to play the evil villain part

What you guys think? Should I try and write this? Any ideas? XD Crazy welcomed too...

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