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Yami no Yume / Character Week Streams with Ethicaltea (2k16)
« on: April 24, 2016, 07:34:27 PM »
Hi everyone, ezkas a.k.a. Eliza here. Please call me Eliza, and please pardon my rudeness for creating a topic without first introducing myself in the introduction thread. I'll be sure to do that later, when I'm feeling a bit more eloquent.

(Hi, I'm Eliza. I enjoy long walks on the beach while talking about MKR? What's up, everybody!)

Anyway, to the subject at hand ...

For character weeks last year, as a good portion of you all know, we -- that is, Tea and I -- streamed our art on pixiv for our Rayearth ladies. Of course wed love to stream again. It was a blast last year! Provided you guys want to join us again on stream.

The reason Im making a longer post and earlier this year is because we have options for how to stream now: drawpile or pixiv chat. There are advantages and disadvantages to each:

Drawpile (check it out at: drawpile.net)

+ better drawing tools (lasso tool, more than one brush type, etc.)
+ multiple layers and customizable canvas resolution
+ ability to assign layers to certain people
+ because of the above everyone who wants to draw could join us Tea and I could draw and do requests, or we could all have a giant drawing party on one layer, or both (!!!)

- would have to be a semi-private stream because of privacy issues*
- chat hard to keep up with b/c there is no chat ping
- everyone has to download the software

Pixiv chat (pixiv.net)

+ more lightweight and in-browser
+ proven to work
+ chat easier to keep up with
+ everyone in fandom would be welcome

- I cant even lie tho the limit on drawing tools compared to drawpile l o l
- no drawing party

*Basically, in the current version of drawpile, the person who hosts has their IP address displayed as a way of connecting to the host session. (That would be me, ezkas.) To anyone joining the stream, I would have to pm them my IP address. Although I am aware there are plenty of ways people can get your IP address, I dont want to invite them to. So, I would only be willing to let the people that I am at least mildly familiar with join in. I don't want to limit it to just those who were able to make it last year, so I am extending to people who joined last year and people that those people consider trustworthy. Basically, if Suz or Mokona or Down or anybody who made to last year's stream can attest you're a trustworthy soul, you're welcome to join. No questions asked.

I, uh. I wibbled a lot about how to phrase that. I hope it doesn't come off as rude. I'm just a little guarded on the internet, unless I've talked to the person a bit first. Tea is more comfortable hosting, but we've consistently been unable to connect when she hosts the drawing session, unfortunately. 

Suggestions to work around this issue are welcome.

Also, Tea and I are totally willing to do whichever you guys want. Regardless of the platform, 3 streams are currently planned one for each of our lovely ladies. However, if its drawpile, we want to do a test session with other people before character week streams just for the general purpose to make sure it works with more than just Tea and myself. If you want to draw, I recommend at least testing the program on your own to get pen pressure correct and all. If you attend a test stream, I should be able to help out with that. Were free (FREEEEEEEEE) of most school obligations starting the weekend of May 14th.  Wed love to do a test session then. Let us know.

Lastly, also if you guys want, we could do a combo of either drawpile or pixiv with voice chat for extra fun. I prefer firefox hello for this (because its so lightweight), but other voice chat suggestions are welcome.

Looking forward to character weeks! Please let us know what flavor of stream you would prefer, we definitely want to take into consideration everyone's input into this!

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