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Sayonara no Hanataba / Re: Dreamwidth
« on: December 04, 2018, 10:00:20 PM »
I'm down

Yumeiro no Tsubasa / Re: Grižian and Frižian
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:51:14 PM »
I really want to see some of the later fic >DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Yumeiro no Tsubasa / Re: The Official Bug DOWN to Write Thread
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:49:39 PM »



Setsunakute / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:46:37 PM »
WAIT I should probably have put the Mendolssohn over here.

MENDOLSSOHN'S VIOLIN CONCERTO IN E MINOR. Various versions. (I don't own one so it's whatever I find on youtube/spotify).

Setsunakute / Re: Current Favourite Songs
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:45:20 PM »
..............not precisely a 'song' but the last thing I've deliberately listened to is Mendolssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor.

For Orchestra AU reasons mostly.

Yasashiku Dakasete / Re: 2017 Rewatch Thread List
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:42:24 PM »
I'm so sad I missed the rewatch last year! :'(
Let me know if you're planning a new rewatch soon. I'll try to follow the schedule next time  ;)

I'm sure we'll do one at some point - Mils and I were thinking of, at some point, doing a rewatch where we do a post with our commentary for each episode, and people can respond/add their own commentary onto the post, which would be easier to come back and join in the discussion later on. But we've only just started thinking about it! It would hopefully have fewer time-slot issues though as people could watch and add to the commentary when they are able to.

Rainy. Cloudy. Chilly.

That about sums it up!

I like the cooler weather better than the summer and spring, but this year I'm finding myself wishing there was more daylight for - possibly the first time. We're up to sunset at 4pm, and it's been dreary grey cloud with barely any rain and barely any light making it through for like two weeks now. I'd like a few nice crisp clear days to go out walking (not that you can't in this weather, but the colours are better on a clear day, there's still autumnal leaves about but they just look dark and moldy in the damp-dingyness.

Romansu no Mori / Re: They Fight Crime
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:32:54 PM »
He's a Nobel prize-winning drug-addicted sorceror who believes he can never love again. She's a sarcastic Buddhist safe cracker with an MBA from Harvard. They fight crime!

Well, I got married because of it, that was a pretty big change XP

(I mean, it really has, because now I have someone at home to share the FEELS with when they get overwhelming~)

Honto no Shiawase / Re: Rayearth Rayearth Rayearth
« on: June 09, 2018, 10:39:06 PM »
Rayearth? RayRAYearth ~RAYEARTH~.


(RAY earth?)

Rayearth, rayearth.............


Himitsu no Kimochi / Re: The OT3 Roles
« on: March 16, 2018, 06:13:46 PM »
I can never quite decide with Umi and Ascot and Clef, because they ALL end up in the middle of shit and all probably protest loudly about it

I am horribly tempted to say that they're all mostly person B, in fact. Umi certainly person B's her way about Cephiro when they first get there! But probably people looking at them from the outside think that they're: A = Umi, B = Ascot, C = Clef, and then are confused when Clef (mr 'oh I'll just support the whole land without a pillar system and make dynamic moral choices that may lead to the end of my world and STICK TO THEM and maybe I'll just hang out in this nonsense anime room I'm not meant to get into and shield the whole damn castle by myself') is the one who tends to wade into shit and be person A, Umi protest and launches into it anyway in a B ish fashion, and Ascot tries to avoid at all costs but he will DEFEND HIS FRIENDS and gets dragged into things anyway as C.

Unless the crazy bullshit is to do with helping the over-powerful mage children of Cephiro at which point Ascot and Clef are both A and signing adoption forms all over the place and Umi is standing in the background, person C, going WHAT JUST HAPPENED AND WHY ARE THERE CHILDREN??

Mokona no Yume / Re: Courting & Dating in Cephiro
« on: March 12, 2018, 08:02:27 PM »

I keep changing my mind about what it involves but I think there's a THING

....................................I'll come back to this when I'm not failing to work out a presentation for work tomorrow XD

Himitsu no Kimochi / Re: Alcyone: A hated character in MKR
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:49:39 PM »
I don't hate her. She's exactly the same as Zagato, only difference is he actually violates the wishes of the person he cares for, she works towards what the person she cares for wants.

On that score I'm pretty certain she's winning.

She also at least in the manga never says anything about wanting Zagato to reciprocate her feelings, just that she wants to help him, because she loves him.

...................I mean on the one hand she's Zagato again and on the other hand she's Clef, except Clef is loyal to Emeraude's wishes and torn by it, and Alcione is loyal to Zagato's wishes and not torn by it. She puts the person she cares for before the rules.

She's a mirror to both of them, she's the dark side of Clef's devotion, she's the better side of Zagato's, and then there's Emeraude. Who throws the people away - even herself. At some point I'm going to actually sit down and write a fic which tries to pull that out and look at it,~ but probably I'll end up writing at least one of the Emeraude/Alcione fic first XDD

I think he absolutely knew the whole truth. He's probably hoping it's not ALL true. But everything they say matches up to what he knows. 

I think that's one reason why he ran (though not as far as Lantis) and lived incognito and AWAY FROM EVERYONE. Even wandering about as a traveling entertainer seems to have gone right out of the window now things are going down. He's staying far enough away that he doesn't have to know when things start going wrong. That's why they're confirming things - all he's trying to do from the start is work out if they're really the potential magic knights, if things have got that far.

I think he may have been trying to find the escudo because if HE had it then the knights wouldn't have their swords wouldn't be able to summon the mashin wouldn't be able to hurt her. But I think mostly that's just a story he was using to be able to stay with the Knights and watch them, see if they were the real deal. When they start dealing with Alcyone, that's when he knows it IS real, and knows what's coming. But they're GOOD PEOPLE, too.

I would not put it past him to have thought of getting rid of them himself. But Emeraude would just summon more people - and he knows his sister hasn't got this wrong. That's why he's been watching them.

That's why he lets them go, and then goes back to the place he's doing some good, because I think Ferio is actually in the Forest of Silence because he's trying to keep the nightmares from escaping and hurting people and Cephiro. I think he's patrolling it because that's all he can think of to do to help - he knows this is his sister's wish. He knows he can't fight it. He probably doesn't want to hang about a bunch of people who think that the magic knights are going to turn up and rescue her - because how painful would THAT be? So he's exiled himself to do what he can to help Cephiro stay whole just a little longer, to help his sister just a little longer.

I think, also, that this has been coming for long enough that it's been years since he knew this was coming. He's been mourning her the whole time, just as Clef has been, just as Lantis is mourning for his. Even if he's been pretending otherwise, even if he's been hiding where he wouldn't hear any rumours, even if he's been waiting where he's bound to run across anyone trying to get to Eterna - even if he's been watching the monsters increase and now they're confirming it's people's fears because this is going down NOW. All they're doing is confirming what he didn't want to know until he had to. (We have a panel of him, eyes shadowed, as he accepts this - just like the panels of Clef's eyes being hidden as he doesn't tell them the truth.) And he won't tell them who he is.

And that's why he's able to put on a front and why he's still standing in Rayearth 2 - he's been in mourning since before she died. At least they ended things. At least they granted his sister's wish.

She was the Pillar. He could never have stopped her wish. And he knew it.

He doesn't contradict what Clef told them. He gives them a bit more information. He's probably still hoping that somehow they might help her, some other way, if they don't know their own purpose, but he won't go with them and he won't watch this go down.

The whole 'Zagato stealing Emeraude away' thing - he probably knows it's not that simple, but he also knows that she loves Zagato, she might go with him willingly, he might tear her away from the world to try to protect her - it doesn't matter what the actual truth is, because the only thing it means is his sister has not come back to soothe her people and her land, and that means this is the ending.


Honto no Shiawase / Re: OVA FEELS!!
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:39:27 PM »
I feel like not enough of this thread is dedicated to the fact that Ferio and Clef are apparently sent back on a mission to repopulate Cephiro with each other.

POSSIBLY with Emeraude. I don't know where I stand on her existence as more than a haunting power watching over them at the end. But she's not human anyway? And maybe Eagle but I don't think either of them are going anywhere near him and also I suspect Emeraude has ban-hammered him into another dimension for attempting to end the universe.

Also I'm not convinced Clef is ~human~ in the OVA, never have been. I know he has a priest's robes which echo Zagato's and he calls upon ~the deities~ to help him cast the timewarp instead of jumping to the left which could be a non-corrupted version of the binding-with-a-creature-and-they-fuel-your-magic variant everyone else seems to mostly have going on (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF EAGLE who is ALSO NOT HUMAN) but his magic seems to operate entirely differently. So I am more than halfway convinced he's a fae like Emeraude. And Eagle. Maybe. I dunno. It's fun to ponder.

ANYWAY my theory on the actual plot of the OVA goes: someone who likes X:1999 and Rayearth decided to smush them up together~ (like, a distant X fusion, not a crossover, but the undertone is there)

Other theory: OKAY SO the entirety of Eagle's plan is to get a hold of the three deities, who created and are earth. Who are ridiculously powerful. In order to end the universe because the universe has hurt his sister and he will take vengeance for her/the world has proven so unfair and unjust that he wants to start the universe over again, maybe it won't be so terrible next time, either way it'll wipe out all the terrible of this world and all it has done to his sister and all that it has done to him (he is so, so broken) will be DONE.

Or somewhere he thinks that the three gods who are/created earth are a powerful enough force of creation they can restore Cephiro and Zagato. I don't actually think this is what he believes - he seems far too focused on ~burn it all to nothing~ - but I DO think this might be the tale he's poisoning other minds with, the Princess's wish; the way they can undo the wrong done, the way he lured most of the population of Cephiro to their doom. By this point the few he has left are so in his grasp he doesn't necessarily need this promise to control them anyway.

This is based on a theory that the three deities are the ones who created Cephiro, and possibly the entire rest of the universe, before moving on eventually to create and rest as earth. And that legends of them were left behind in Cephiro from when they were there - that to wake them, you need the ones who can SUMMON them, who will appear when their world is in peril to save it.

SO Eagle does the obvious thing: attacks Earth in order to find the three who will wake the gods, and make them do it. (I'm pretty certain he thinks all his minions are expendable and going to die in this effort. It's not like he cares. He's killed everything else already.) And then he will defeat them however he can, and steal their gods, and break all the worlds to nothing so his sister won't hurt anymore.

Not sure if he has a coherent plan of what happens to his sister at that point, possibly she should survive to create a new universe where she will be, in effect, the Pillar - she's more powerful than he is, it's pretty clear, given it's her song he's manipulating to keep people under control - or he's beyond that and just thinks she wants this to be over and to be with Zagato. EITHER WAY ties back neatly to the ending of the first series of Rayearth (for a... given value of neatly).

Clef is a nuisance, because he's taken away the people of Earth, and it would be so much easier to break the girls if Eagle could hurt the people they love. But I don't think he cares too much about that, really. And he can maybe help the girls with magic, but in truth Clef is only a nuisance. He's not a target, he doesn't matter. Same with Ferio when he defects - Lantis, too, in so many ways, because unless Lantis can actually pull together the strength to murder Eagle (because they both saw their siblings broken by Cephiro and there's such a WEIGHT to their interactions there - I sometimes feel Eagle would let Lantis kill him, because he feels Lantis is the only person with the right to do so - the only other person who is just like Eagle himself, stuck in this because the world destroyed their family - and Lantis can't bring himself to do it, because Eagle won't FIGHT him, and they are the same) then Lantis is not going to stop him from his goal. And that goal is wake the three, get them to fight, and then break them and take their power for his own, for whatever end. (And such an end it would be, a cleansing of everything.)

At the end, when the deities leave, he doesn't stop - he can't stop - because defeating these three has become his entire goal, defeating them and tearing the universe apart.

When Emeraude says they must start over, he can't accept it - that you can start from somewhere terrible and make something new and strong of it. But that's what the three girls have done - taken a terrible situation and the destruction of their home, and forged a determination and a strength to carry on from it.

AND SO THEN Clef and Ferio are tasked with starting anew in Cephiro and repopulating it! :D

................................................................maybe with the couple of hundred people I still think Clef had locked away somewhere. But it's less funny that way.

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