Sorting the Knights into Hogwarts Houses.

Sorting the Knights into Hogwarts Houses.
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So once upon a time, suz asked me what Hogwarts houses I thought the Knights might be sorted into. (She's not into Harry Potter herself, so she doesn't have enough context to decide on such things herself.) You can click through to read the post, but I'm going to also put my response on here. I'd love to hear people's thoughts!


Fuu is obviously Ravenclaw. No need to think about it. Ravenclaws both value and embody intelligence, logic, and wit - being able to think on one?s feet. They get into their private dorm area by answering a riddle that changes every day. Also, Ravenclaw roughly (and possibly unofficially, I?m not sure) corresponds to the element of air, so that?s a fun bonus.

At first I thought Hikaru and Umi were just as easy - Gryffindor and Slytherin - but then I thought about it and it got more complicated. It?s true that each house tends to embody/emphasize certain qualities, but when the Sorting Hat places a student in a house, it doesn?t just take into account the student?s existing personality. It also can see their potential for development, and it also takes into consideration what traits they value, whether they currently embody those traits or not.

Hikaru seems at first like a classic Gryffindor - brave, daring, strong and outgoing. But one of the key elements of Hikaru?s character is her abundant love for other people and her desire to create harmony. She wants everything to work out as fairly as possible for everyone - and that?s Hufflepuff to the core. She also is incredibly loyal, determined, and a hard worker, which are Hufflepuff traits as well.

I?m so tempted to put her in Gryffindor because it?s obvious, and because their colors are red and gold, they correspond with fire, and their animal emblem is a lion. IT SCREAMS HIKARU. But when you get the core of who she is as a person, I honestly think she?s more of a Hufflepuff. I think the Sorting Hat might put her in either house, probably based on what her opinions of the houses were. If she thought Gryffindors seemed cool, she?d end up there; if her first thought was that the Hufflepuffs sure were neat, she?d end up there.

Umi struck me first as a Slytherin because while she?s clever like Fuu, there?s a touch more cunning to Umi?s quick-thinking. It?s a matter of semantics, largely (I personally think the overlap between Slytherin and Ravenclaw in general is greater than either house would admit), but that cunning coupled with her higher status (there is a trend for well-to-dos in the wizarding community to end up in Slytherin), it was my first thought. She?s also resourceful and sticks to her guns, which reinforced it. (Slytherin is also associated with water, so it?s tempting.)

Then I considered that she might be a Gryffindor. She?s pretty daring and nervy, which are big Griffyndor qualities. I think her doggedness can be attributed to either Slytherin or Gryffindor, so ultimately for Umi I think it comes down to the qualities she values moreso than the ones she embodies. Thinking about it, I do think she?d pride herself more on being resourceful and clever enough to always accomplish the things she sets her mind to, and that?s Slytherin all over.

So, ultimately, Fuu is definitely in Ravenclaw, Umi is probably Slytherin, and Hikaru could end up in either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff depending how the Sorting Hat judged her.

One could also phrase it this way: Hikaru in the anime is a Gryffindor; in the manga, she?s a Hufflepuff.


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Re: Sorting the Knights into Hogwarts Houses.
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I don't even read HP and I love this.

There needs to be more analysis like this in the MKR fandom.


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Re: Sorting the Knights into Hogwarts Houses.
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I never though on this posibility but I definitely love your analysis over the issue, its been a long time since I saw or read something from  H.P.  since is not something favorite to me, but I have to agree with you, Fuu in Ravenclaw, Umi I will go for Slytherin and Hikaru I will go for Hufflepuff.
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