FeFuu doujin from Honeysuckle!


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FeFuu doujin from Honeysuckle!
« on: March 26, 2013, 02:58:55 AM »
Yay yay it finally arrived!  You might remember me buying a Fuu/Ferio doujin a few weeks ago (I was in the chat at the time).  Well it's finally here and it's adorable.  It's by meijimichiru who is basically my favorite F/F fanartist in the entire universe.

Just some previews for now, to enjoy the pretty.  I don't want to flatten it so I'll try to get very nice photos.  I think Down offered to work on translating (apologies if I remember wrong) but if anyone at all wants to, I'd be appreciative.

There's a really precious bit where Ferio is climbing out the window to escape princely paperwork so Clef enlists Fuu to get Ferio to do his work.  It's adorable and I shan't spoil the surprise yet, but after the sleep-tickling bit which I've shared below, it's my favorite bit of this book.

I'm not sure about how much I'll post?  I want to respect the artist and not just redistribute her exclusive stuff all over the internet.  I think I'll make a few scans to share with the public, close-ups of pretty bits mostly, but make the full things exclusive to forum members.  Do you think that's fair?

This also reminds me that I should re-scan my Emerald Road MKR gag doujin.  The scans used to be on my website but they vanished in the server switch.

Anyway enough rambling, have some previews!  Click to see them big!