Enchantress of the Sea (The Siren Calls)


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Enchantress of the Sea (The Siren Calls)
« on: November 19, 2016, 04:45:18 AM »
This will going to be a long chapter for me to make... This is the first fan fiction i have ever written, not yet finished but chapter 1 is already posted. So please view, review and comment or whatsoever...

Enchantress of the Sea (The Siren Calls)


The Magic Knights were summoned back in Cephiro for the third time after 5 years. To be with their beloved man was their only desire as they finished their school. Hikaru and Fuu was able to tell their love for the man they love while Umi chose not to tell. Full of regret Umi had made her way back in Cephiro where her journey has begun.

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