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Romansu no Mori / Rayearth Fanwork Badge Suggestions
December 18, 2018, 10:41:33 PM
The Rayearth Fanwork Challenge should be restarting in the new year. We would like to reopen with participation badges as an incentive to participate.

If you have any suggests, please share them below.
Mokona no Yume / Contraception in Cephiro
December 01, 2018, 03:19:59 PM
Everyone knows my fic tends to lean toward various forms of accidental baby acquisitions, so this would be a related topic. While it will contain some sexual discussion, I don't think it should get too detailed to warrant a move, but if it does, I can migrate it to Rarabai.

What are your thoughts on contraception in Cephiro?
Dakishimechau! / Cephiro Discord Server
November 24, 2018, 08:21:58 PM
May as well make this public and see how it goes, but for anyone who wants to chat in real time, we do have a Discord server set up.

You can find it here. 

The forum is still the best place for long organised discussions, but if you want to chat about little things, or just with fellow fans, someone's almost always around.
Tomodachi Desho / Login Issue
November 24, 2018, 05:50:58 PM
It was brought to my attention today that there has been a glitch on the forum keeping people from logging in. Rather than logging you in, the forum gives you a message that says something about the session timing out. 

This seems to have been caused by my having recently upgraded the forum to the latest version, and there is a security change that I didn't know I needed to make to the forum's skin. I have since made this change and I am no longer getting the error on my end.

If you are still getting this message, and unable to log in, please email me ( and I will have another look at it.

Thank you for your patience.
Personally, I tend to end up with a playlist that helps me get into the mindset of the story I am writing. Some are easier to make soundtracks for than others.  I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we can share links to our playlists for others to listen if they like.
Goran, Taiyou da yo / NaNoWriMo 2018
October 29, 2018, 01:56:53 PM
It's almost November. Who is making this terrible decision again?
Honto no Shiawase / Rayearth Rayearth Rayearth
May 07, 2018, 08:42:23 PM
Rayearth rayearth rayearth rayearth rayearth rayearth?

Rayearth rayearth rayearth  rayearth rayearth, Rayearth rayearth rayearth.

I mean, this was me trying to work out how old Hikaru's brothers are, but I do wonder about Kuu too.

If we take the fact they are all 14 and in 2nd year of Junior High, it must be March, and this is the end of year trip, or something. Thus why everyone is kind of bummed it's at Tokyo Tower. That means they are probably in 3rd year by the time the second arc begins, and still 14.

Our starting point is that Hikaru is 14 as long as this happens before June (June-Sept they'd be in summer uniforms).

What we know (or can ascertain): Kakeru seems to be the youngest. Masaru is the middle. Satoru is the eldest.

Kakeru is in a school uniform in the opening scenes. I would imagine this puts him somewhere between 1-3 years older than Hikaru. So he must be somewhere between 15-18. I personally would think somewhere around 16-17? So two years older?

Masaru is wearing street clothes. (I'm not sure if this is because he doesn't do the whole working in the family dojo thing, or if he is just chilling that morning.) His personality still seems very young, and energetic. So he probably is still a teenager, or at least very early 20s, but I want to put him at 18-19.

Satoru is in hakama. He just strikes me as being much older than the others. Like mid to late twenties old, which seems to suggest there is a larger gap between him and Masaru than between the other three, but perhaps his demeanor is influenced by their father having left when Hikaru was small. 

I keep debating on dropping 2-3 years between them, which would only put Kakeru in school still.

Anyone else have any thoughts on sibling ages?
Himitsu no Kimochi / The OT3 Roles
March 15, 2018, 03:56:58 PM
Somariel shared this on the chat and we didn't discuss it then for reasons. The original post I saw came from birdsquirrel on tumblr:

every ot3 has these very important roles:

person a, who runs headlong into crazy bullshit
person b, who acts like they're too sensible to run headlong into crazy bullshit, but is really just as bad as person a
person c, who actually tries to avoid running headlong into crazy bullshit, but keeps getting dragged into it by the other two anyway
Mokona no Yume / Courting & Dating in Cephiro
March 11, 2018, 05:53:14 PM
Whether or not you believe Cephiro has a concept of marriage, you probably accept there is some form of courting or dating in Cephiro.

What do you think those particular traditions might entail?  Or what sort of traditions have you written?
I got my new drawing tablet today.  I've been having fun with it.  I've not finished anything else yet, but here is the first thing I drew with it, after doodling scribbles for the first half hour as I worked out how it worked.

I am proud of this picture. 

It's on Tumblr, if anyone is interested in reblogging it. You can find it here.
Mokona no Yume / Related Car Names
January 13, 2018, 08:08:58 PM
There are a number of characters in Rayearth. I am sure we all assume they must have pasts that include families of some description, but we don't get any of that information in canon.

When inventing families for fanfic, I am sure we all have gone through the various car lists and things. I thought it might be nice to have a thread for collecting related car names to the ones used for the characters.
Mokona no Yume / Car Parts for food and things
January 13, 2018, 06:53:59 PM
For those who need ideas for names of foods and other items to add to their Cephiran worldbuilding There are a few things listed in the Materials Collection.

プラグ- Puragu (plug) - Size of a basket ball, Red, very juicy. Like a big strawberry. Grows on vines around uinka trees.

ウインカー - Uinkaa (Winker/Blinker) - Soccer Ball sized cherries. OK to eat, but the juice is like milk.

ニトロ - Nitro - Soccer Ball sized. Looks like grapes. Grow under ground like potatoes, on vines.

パワステ - Pawasute (power steering) - Flat bread made from the outershell of Taabo

ブイ•テク - Biteku (v-tek) - Middle is tasty like pudding. Grow on coconut-like trees. (This is one of Presea's favourite's)

ターボ - Taabo (turbo) - Size of a walnut. Shell with a soft bit in the middle. The middle tastes like almonds. The outside is ground into flour for bread

ギア - Gia (gear) - Size of a handball. Cheese plant. Grow on vines on the ground.
Yumeiro no Tsubasa / 12 Days of Rayearth Crack
December 28, 2017, 02:51:18 PM
Down and I (well mostly Down) decided it would be fun to do a crack shipping event over the twelve days of Christmas. A time to share any prompts, headcanons, meta, fic, or art for all the nonsense pairings that don't get as much love during the year.

It's mostly on Tumblr, but we can also make a collection on AO3, if anyone is interested in sharing anything over there.

If posts on tumblr get tagged with "#12 days of rayearth crack" I'll reblog them to fuckyeahrayearth to share with the rest of the fandom.

You can also post links to your posts, or even prompts and meta directly here to share with us.
Yumeiro no Tsubasa / Griþian and Friþian
December 04, 2017, 09:38:55 AM
I have a name for the series of fics that all take place in the same universe as the fic Sanctuary that I started ages back. I am starting a new topic for the lot of them.  This post will have a regularly updated link list to both AO3 and FFN, or at least I will try to, as well as a basic reading order list.  Or you can just find them all in order on the series page on AO3.

Enchanted Teen
When Clef said he was going to 'grow-up', Umi wasn't sure what she was expecting, but she definitely hadn't anticipated how attractive he would turn out to be, or the effect it would have on her.
AO3 and FFN

Good Advice Teen
In which Umi needs advice about a boy, and Clef's not sure he should be the one giving it to her.
AO3 and FFN

Easy as Cake
Clef tries to figure out how to bake a cake like the ones Umi brings from Tokyo, but it's a struggle working with only Cephiran ingredients.
AO3 and FFN

Covert Courting
It wasn't a date. It couldn't be, but it definitely felt like one.
AO3 and FFN

Supporting the Local Economy
Clef's personal spending gets a little out of hand.

Career Planning All
The summer of her final year of high school, Umi thinks she has decided what she'll do after graduation.

Making Arrangements All
After making plans with Umi without thinking, Clef has to do a bit of shuffling with his schedule.

Sanctuary Teen(FFN)/Adult(AO3)
When Clef somewhat accidentally invites Umi to stay at his house for a week, it's the start of changes that happen faster than either of them anticipated. Unfortunately, with the laws still in the way, the consequences of that summer may spiral far out of their control...
AO3 and FFN

Contingency Plan All - (co-written with Down)
Side Scene for Sanctuary: Getz and Holbio wonder what is to be done when all of this goes horribly wrong.

If you want to discuss this fic series, feel free to add your thoughts.
I said in chat that I would make a post about this. 

For my fic Sanctuary and other fics in that same universe I have come up with a Cephiran calendar. It's very simple and basic, but means that I have a very good reason for the New Year festival to have been at a time the girls couldn't attend until the year before.

Basically, I have given Cephiro a 365 day year. Though, you might technically say it is a 364 day year with a bonus day.

Weeks are still seven nights. The days translate very simply to Firstday, Secondday, Thirdday, Fourthday, Fifthday, Sixthday, and Seventhday. I haven't decided if the reckoning is from sunrise or sunset or an arbitrary time in the middle somewhere (like midnight).

There are 13 months of 4 weeks (28 days) each.  I have yet to work out what the months are called right now. I'm guessing things having to do with the agricultural industries, perhaps. Or they could just be numbers.  We'll see what I decide before Clef starts dropping month names in about six or seven chapters time.

The festival day part of a three day festival thing. Every thing in the country sort of stops. There are parties and celebrations all over. The biggest being the one held at the castle.


Day 1: The last day of the last month.  It is the  celebration for the end of the year, and everything that happened. There is always a big party of some sort. And at the castle, you have that year's chronicle scroll unrolled around the great hall turned ball room with lots of dancing and celebration before it is rolled back up. There is lots of talk about the bits that people read while the chronicle was unrolled, if it was interesting.

Day 2: Is the Festival day. The festival day itself is for general revelry. It tends to be an excuse for many to cut loose and have a good time.  It is the wildest night of any of the celebrations. Lots of alcohol, lots of dancing, lots of enjoying the night and company it brings.

Day 3: The first day of the first month of the new year. It is a time for looking ahead toward the connections to be made and things to be done in the new year. This is the time when people start making plans about what they want their new year to be.  The new chronicle scroll is started and the year begins anew. It is also a time to gain a blessing or a prayer on your house and family. I haven't worked out exactly how temples and shrines work in this cephiro, so bear with me while I work that out?

Added bonus fun of the festival day not being counted into the year or week specifically, means that the days of the week keep shifting between Earth and Cephiro.  Like for one Cephiran year Firstday may correspond with Sunday, then after the New year begins, Firstday is now on the same day as Monday on Earth. Meaning the activities everyone is doing in Cephiro shifts. 

Like if Council meetings are the first and second Sixthday of the month, then they were on Friday between March - 1st half of Nov 1996  according to my reckoning, and after the Festival (which was the first time the actual festival day fell on a Sunday while the girls were visiting) Sixthday is now Saturday, so council meetings happen then, changing Sunday visits because the week shifted, but not everyone's work patterns did.
Sayonara no Hanataba / Dreamwidth
September 21, 2017, 08:34:50 PM
I didn't see a thread, but I may have missed it. 

Who here is on dreamwidth?  We now have a new community:

I am also now being a bit more active too. I'm still Milieva as always:

Who else is on dreamwidth now?
Many of us have been in this fandom for well over a decade, and we have all had many new life experiences.  How has this affected your Rayearth headcanons and your general interaction with fandom?
The official prompts for 2017 are-

Habits & Routines
Caught in bed together
Because I want to see your smile
Water & Electricity
Poor Impulse Control

I personally get very little out of most one word prompts and like a full sentence of seven to run off with, so I am toying with some silly nonsense spawned from discussions related to the prompts.

I'm currently writing (and planning to write):

A Tea Shop AU: Umi owns a small tea house, and Clef is a new professor at the university who becomes a regular.

Crack Pregnancy Fic: Poor impulse control at it's finest, with magical sex changes and other nonsense. Totally canon compliant, though.

Masquerade Ball: Umi and Clef run into each other at a masquerade ball

Princess AU: Umi is a princess and Clef is the court master mage.

Prequel to Sanctuary: The first time Umi sees Clef all grown up/The first time Clef notices Umi's not quite a child anymore

Soulmate AU: Complete nonsense that Down cracked me up with.  It's going to be short, but sweet.

Other things I plan to post:

Some art!  I want to draw Umi as the Guru, and Clef possibly being happily retired in the background. There are a few other things I want to doodle too.  I should get on that at some point.

At least one Playlist.  Maybe two.  The general Umi/Clef one I currently have and the Sanctuary playlist to start.

What are others planning to work on? 

Does anyone else have any sort of fic they want to see?
This thread is for the discussion of Season 2: episodes 45-49.  Please mind the rewatch rules.