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Started by Milieva, November 11, 2006, 03:44:38 AM

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Alright, so we all know Mils is a slacker.  I am nearly finished with the new layout, I just need to get it up and running.   that will be the greatest trick.   Anyhow... I would like to see some more content.

I would like to include som perspective type essays and rambles about the series and such.   Does anyone have a long bit of drabble regarding thoughts on cannon?

I am also up for more fanart submissions and anyone is welcome to go prod the nets for authors that might like to join our little fanfiction archive.

I also need/want good translations and episode summaries (long explicit ones)

General ideas on what is need would be a help. Or anything you want to add.   

I also am working on more detailed character descriptions, if anyone wants to help there, I would appriciate it.  I am trying to work on this stuff when I have a chance, but I am easily distracted and have great difficultiy finishing projects without deadlines.  *sigh*

Give me a topic and three hours and I'll write you an analytical essay.
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When I think of a topic, I will let you know...

Anyone else have something they are willing to help with?

I'd love to write some ramblings essays, as well. 
I might do one on Umi and Fuu's relationship in the manga, as it doesn't exist in the anime and it's one of my favorite things about the manga canon.  I will try to do something on Nova, as well, as I feel she is completely misunderstood in the fandom, even today.
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So....  As I have started back on an insane schedule, I seem to have this desire to work on DNT.  I have a few reminders of what I am looking for help with

1. Summaries: I am wanting to have summaries for each episode. About a page or so per episode. I believe I have the summary for episode one up.  I'll need to check.  Basically something that tells the whole story of the episode.

2. Essays: Is there anything you lot have overanalyzed?  I know a few of you offered to do an essay or two. 

3. Fan Art: Any new scribbles?  That little section needs some love.

I'll reward you all in some way if you like.  Burn some CDs or something.  I still owe one of you a tin of biscuits. ^.~

I'll try to scribble out fanart or summaries. That will give me a great excuse to write /watch rayearth/ draw.
Definately try to do it this week. Friday or sat night.
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I'd love to ramble about something - but at the moment all you'd get is Clef's views on Richard the Second (of England, that is.) Which, uh, you don't want to know. >.<;;;; After the next fortnight, I may have slightly more time? *HOPES* and have a new fully working laptop that's connected to everything? So maybe something then...

In the meantime, if you want any of the fanart I've got up on the board or dA, snag away! I don't think anything of mine is on dnt? ^^;

I can wait a fortnight, Down.  Hope you are connected soon. ^.^

And I do believe there is some art you lot have done which I haven't posted.  I also have permission to post a few doodles that showed up on the mk_rayearth community a while back.