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Started by Milieva, March 17, 2006, 04:45:52 AM

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March 17, 2006, 04:45:52 AM Last Edit: October 05, 2012, 06:33:31 PM by Milieva
Okay, I know when I first posted this, I probably came off as a bitch, and I apologize for that.  But every large gathering of people--which I hope we will be--needs rules.  That and I do not wish to patrol you lot like the nine-year-olds I teach during the week.

NOTE TO THE NEWLY REGISTERED!!!: Okay, due to the influx of spam bots on the board, I have turned activation from automatic to my approval.  If you are new and have just registered, e-mail me at the hotmail account below with your username or it WILL be deleted when I go through and clean out the bots again.  Because if you do not care enough about joining to e-mail me, I really do not feel like wasting my time on you. As we still have a few non-posters.


USER NAMES: Please choose something unique. Check the member list.  I don't want to see a Madoushi_Clef and a MasterMage_Clef  it is too much for my brain to handle after chasing 3rd graders. 

AVATARS: I would prefer you use your own or one I do not recognize as another board members from else where, unless they say you can use it. *sigh*

LURKING: If you join, please post at least an intoduction of who you are. We like to know who is reading our boards. Don't just join for the sake of joining.  You will be deleted after so many days of inactivity.

OTPS:   Every person on this board has a unique opinion on the series. Why wouldn't they have one on the characters as well?  Please be respectful of others? pairing choices because you want them to respect yours.

TROLLING:  Anyone who is abusing this forum or its members will be banned, both my name and IP.  The council will give warning first, but if we have to ask more than once?

ADVERTISING: I would prefer to see very few or no links outside of Sayonara no Hanataba. Thank you.

SPOILERS:  By joining this forum, it is assumed that you are fully or almost fully informed on the series. Thus, one must assume that many spoilers shall exist in topics populating this forum. Therefore, if you don?t know who Umi, Fuu, and Hikaru are? You are in the wrong place.

DOUBLE POSTING:  Just Don?t.  The edit button is there for a reason. Please make use of it.  We don?t need five of your posts back to back.

LEET SPEAK: Again, Just Don't.  A little as a joke is fine, but no full messages in it.  We really do not care to decode you drabble.

HOTLINKING:  Please do not link a file on a site that is not yours.  People pay good money for their bandwidth.  Upload photos to something like photo bucket. And with the avatars, you can upload to the forum, so there is no excuse for it.  Anyone caught leaching another site will be warned, and then banned for repeat offences.

NECROPOSTING:  Nevermind about any rule in regards to this.  This fandom is so inactive at times that there is no reason to police old topics.  If something interests you and you feel you would like to add to it, feel free.  If we get a little more active (i.e. more than 6-7 frequent posters) I might change it back to the old rule.

TOPIC:  The titles are there for a reason. It gives you an idea as to what is in the thread. I know there is a tendency to meander around a topic, but please try to bring it back. It is annoying to go to a thread about OTP?s and find that the conversation is now about who?s RL pet is cooler. 

RESPECT: The rule that has been pounded into your head since birth. ?Treat others as you, yourself, would like to be treated?

If there is anything you would like to add or report, you are free to contact me at anytime. 

AIM: MorgannaProject
MSN: psynos[at]hotmail.co.jp
Y!M: adri_milieva  (put in the add message that it is in regards to the forum or I will ignore you)

E-Mail: milieva[at]psynos.net  or psynos[at]hotmail.co.jp  (subject: Cephiro)

Thank you for your time, please go and have fun.