A Fic contest thing....

Started by Milieva, October 15, 2012, 02:43:32 PM

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Would anyone be interested in doing something like MKR Contest, again?  But rather than having a community, actually making use to the challenge board at the bottom with only three posts? 

I've got an idea for logistics, if anyone is interested in drabble/short-ing again.....

I'd be up for it, but probably not until I'm at least most of the way through november? Otherwise I'm going to completely overload myself. (I may have already done so...)

Also, I FAIL AT SHORT but i will try~~~

That's no problem. I think most of us will be busy come November.

I'm still trying to figure out how to do it.  But I thought that if it were on the board, others could keep it running should I forget. 

I will join!

I have absolutely no experience with drabbles but.... There is always a chance to learn ^.^
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Assuming it's after November, as mentioned, I'll try to participate!  I haven't ficced in years so we'll see how it goes. :|

I love some of the things I did for mkr_contest (I just read the crack!ships one last night oh my god) so this should be fun.
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If anyone has any ideas for prompts for the contest things, PM or Email me.   I'll start keeping a list.

I had completely forgotten about mkr_contest . I wouldnt mind short or drabbles to get back into writing ficlets.
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Same! I'd love to get back into Rayearth ficcing.

I'd love to start writing again! And challenges are great for it. I'm all into the short story/drabbles, specially drabbles...