What are you listening to?

Started by Milieva, March 16, 2006, 03:27:40 AM

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"Sweet Sacrifice" -- Evanescence    I am really loving the new album.   Then again, I do have a deep love for good female vocals and rock music.  Hence my love of Nightwish.  ^.~

I loved Nightwish *seen them Live*
But now the singer has left so...

Vi?rar vel til loft?r?sa - Sigur R?s
Should have wished for unicorns.

when did this happen? >.> Noooo...

as well I'll just have to keep listening to Inkubus Sukkubus
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It looks like it happened some time back as Tarja is dated as a member through 2005.    I love her voice.   I think I might have to check out her solo albums. itunes doesn't have them.... thus I may have to order them when I have money again...

Listening to: HGTV : Mission: Organization

I'm listening to Aly and Aj "chemicals react"! I put it on my myspace XD.
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Quote from: Cassiopeia on October 16, 2006, 12:11:20 AM
I'm listening to Aly and Aj "chemicals react"! I put it on my myspace XD.
I have that on my Jack/Elizabeth playlist.  I love it! 

I am currently listening to CBS: Without a Trace, and the sounds of my AIM.

Still listening to Aly and Aj XD.

Yeah go Jack!!!! He's so cool!
Gliding through a river light.

"Ireland" Garth Brooks

I was watching that special on him on CMT the other night and I loved this song again.   I had forgotten about it and had to find it in my collection.  Garth is resposable for country falling so hard into the main stream.   His concerts were outrageous.  I hope that one day he does go back on tour.  You all know I will be there.  ^.^

Death Note  = smex.

Miyano Mamoru = swooning smex.

Miyano Mamoru = singing "GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE" = giggle inducing.

GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE = what I'm listening to right now.

<3  follow the syllogisms!
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"L'ultimo Baccio" ("The Last/Final Kiss") by Carmen Consoli.

If anyone remembers Pat-chan...?  She wrote some really original Fuu/Ferio stuff, but English was her second language so her fics were hard to get through until you got the hang of the "style".  The stories are actually really good. <3  This song was the inspiration for one of her angsty fics and the prequel-of-sorts to one of my favorite of her fics, "Crossaint".  Awww.  I wish she still wrote MKR, as her English has improved and having people beta your fics is popular nowadays.  (she goes by Herentas Meridiae on FFnet now)

I love this song.  Very sad and... um, Italian?
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*pathectic attempt ro ressurrect forum*

Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body
Should have wished for unicorns.

"Cruel Angel's Thesis", the opening for Neon Genesis Evangelion.  One of the best anime songs ever.
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Quote from: suzanami on December 22, 2006, 01:36:38 AM
"Cruel Angel's Thesis", the opening for Neon Genesis Evangelion.? One of the best anime songs ever.

Damn Straight!

"Part of Your World" - Jessica Simpson (Disneymania)  I am listening to my Bou-tiki mix.  I am really missing Walt Disney World.

The Nixons' song "Sister"

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Don't Dream it's Over - SixPence None the Richer.

This song reminds me of my favorite FMA couple. T^T
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