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Started by Milieva, August 08, 2015, 10:34:40 PM

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I have been using my webhosting as a sort of cloud drive for years.  When I want to stash a file somewhere incase I kill everything else, I tend to toss it into a random folder.  I went to clean out some of these folders today, and happened to stumble upon a zipped file of my various AIM chat logs from 2006.  I have no idea what's on them.


Doubt there are any private conversations, but I do know that one or two are chats for other fandoms, or at least with other fandom people.

I haven't dug into these yet but I did go through one chat from 2006 a couple months ago and copy/pasted a few out-of-context gems.  I hope it is fine if I share them here because they made me laugh.

sciathan_file: *image of dominatrix mokona comes back*

Milieva: Umi and Clef were getting it on in the shed, and I can't tell you about Fuu.

Fullmetal Ai: It was Caldina's fault.

RaevanDawn: *whispers* ... have you noticed that Suzu has been more willing to read Clemi fics recently?

suzanami: Geo/Kuu smut would involve candy.

suzanami: Umi's just... screaming.

Milieva: and what in gods name ARE you all talking aobut
suzanami: *points accusingly* SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT FERIO'S SWORD.
sciathan_file: it turned into an innuendo filled smut party when you were gone apparently

sciathan_file: did you poke it with a stick?
suzanami: I poked it with Ferio's sword.

Fullmetal Ai: Milieva, question. xD Do you ever roleplay?
Milieva: ......? *frightened of the intent behind the question*

Milieva: I'm not putting more out until I get my fucking Mars Bars

Milieva: Ferio was originally lantis

suzanami: maybe she fell into a bottomless fic.

Milieva: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milieva: what the hell was going on the umbella
sciathan_file: I wanted umbrella monster backstory

Milieva: suzu will eventually come to the darkside
suzanami: I will humor you, yes.
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