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Yami no Yume / The List
« on: May 13, 2006, 06:41:46 PM »
I was bored, so I figured we ought to compile a list.  A list of what?  Well, a list of contacts for IM.

After all, a lot of us are online (and on messengers) but rarely talk.  I'd say let's remedy that.  If you aren't afraid to drop in your info, I'll compile a list for all of us.  I'll start.

Rogue - Rattlesnake2108d
Milieva - MorgannaProject
Suzanami - SuperDoritoGirl
Belldandy - kuminoue
Ai - Taco Chibi or iTacochan
Ragyn - komarusan
Raburetta - Raburetta or StalkerLogical

Rogue - fg_rogue[at]
Milieva - psynos[at]
Cassiopeia - Cassiopeia654[at]
Down - dragon_of_winter_nights[at]
Belldandy- sabri_chan[at]
Ai - flyingpomato[at]
Kisumisu - Jonskukka91[at]

Ai - flyingpomato

Ai - aiyia-taco

Sayonara no Hanataba / LiveJournal
« on: March 15, 2006, 06:16:23 AM »
This is my LiveJournal page.? It's Friends Only now, but I should be making an entry that isn't soon.? That will be like the "request to be added" entry or something.

[Milieva: stickied as official LJ plug thread.]

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