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Yami no Yume / Re: The 'Post Your Picture' Thread!
« on: April 22, 2007, 03:03:38 AM »
Thanks! :)

I'll be sure to let her know about her dress.

Yami no Yume / Re: The 'Post Your Picture' Thread!
« on: April 22, 2007, 02:28:08 AM »
I like the picture.  You look really pretty.

And since I'm in here, here's a few pictures of my girlfriend and me at her prom.

A little back story on my girlfriend and me (Mils knows this), we actually met on the same Witch Hunter Robin forum.  We talked online a few times and right before Anime Expo in 2005, we both decided to go.  We first met when she flew down to Dallas and we both flew out on the same flight to Long Beach for the convention.  Just over 3 weeks later, we started a long-distance relationship and it's held strong for the last 21 months.

I went to see her last weekend and these pictures in the link above are of us at her prom.

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: April 22, 2007, 01:16:55 AM »
Awesome. I've never seen shots with Maria as playable.  I didnt know you could fully access them in saturn. Heck I just learned they release sotn for xbox360. I wonder if its the saturn or playstation version and if you can access those places? humm...

I've got it on my XBox 360.  It's the PlayStation version.

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: April 19, 2007, 04:30:17 PM »
Yeah, happened while I was in highschool. One of my brother's friends (I am pretty sure). 

Heres a crappy link to a page with scans. They're not the good quality scans that I saw. Dont know where that page went to, cant seem to find it anywhere.
Hey you can go to an area they never completed in the saturn one right off by running out the bridge door (hard as crap). The underground gardens. Not much but they have a save spot there. (When you run out of the drawbridge you fall right into this little space. Interesting but ehhh... would have been cool if they had completed it.)

That is so not cool.  I can't even believe that.

Nice find.  The manga looks fairly cheesy which adds to the awesomeness of the game.

You can do that in the PSX version as Richter.  I've never done it, but that's ok.  But here's the funny thing about all of this.  The Saturn version had the extra areas the PlayStation version didn't have and yet...the PlayStation version was made first.  I always thought it was the other way around, but it wasn't the case.

And if you're interested in these areas, the Underground Gardens and the Cursed Prison, has videos of them.  It has both the normal and inverted areas not to mention footage of Maria as a playable character.  The site is in French (Quebec), but all of the stuff is at the bottom of the page.

I've heard it's better than the SNES game--which I have played and have a few complaints about (like annoying music and NOT ENOUGH FERIO!). It's rather easy to find the Saturn MKR game on eBay, sometimes for really cheap, so...

I believe it is better than the SNES title.  For what it's worth, finding it on eBay is the way to go, but you'll pay a higher price for a copy that's in better condition.

Yami no Yume / Re: Introductions
« on: April 19, 2007, 06:14:39 AM »
Welcome to our humble abode, Gracita. :)

As Mils has said, feel free to post anywhere.  It is nice to see someone else join us and not be a spam bot.

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: April 17, 2007, 08:18:24 PM »
Someone stole it?  Not cool.  A move like that calls for immediate hurtage.

I actually haven't seen it.  I'll have to find it somewhere.  If I can, I'll try and get my hands on the Saturn version.  It may be in Japanese, but it's the complete game since a playable Maria and two areas weren't in the PlayStation port.  The Saturn port did come out later, but it would be nice to play it at least once.

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: April 17, 2007, 04:01:33 AM »
 because CV:SotN is one of the best freaking games ever to be made!

You have just earned major brownie points in my book.

"What is a man?  A miserable little pile of secrets." XD

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: April 09, 2007, 06:02:42 AM »
Well, to revive this topic, I have to say one thing.

I finally beat the Sega Saturn title.  To be honest, I wasn't too keen on Fuu having the Bow and Arrow instead of her massive sword in the series, but it actually works out just fine.

Aside from the name changes and the voice-acting, it was very decent.  And when I say voice-acting, only Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is allowed to have cheesy dialogue.

« on: March 15, 2007, 06:22:31 AM »
I missed the whole "One Year Anniversary" of the forum.  It's good to see that it's still here.  I know that Mils was going to close it if the member count didn't reach the goal she had set for it...but it did!

So now we celebrate the first year and from this day forward, we can expect to celebrate more.

Yami no Yume / Re: What made your day today?
« on: March 13, 2007, 05:47:55 PM »
This would be my what made my day for yesterday, but it was SO BRILLIANT and VERY RAYEARTH and I HAD TO SHARE, XDDDDDDD


...and wandered about it SQUEAKING a lot. XDDDD But I wasn't taken to Cephiro. TT_TT

...I DID, however, spot Certain Buildings from the observation deck - the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (X, anyone? XD) which I'd seen much closer the day before... and THE BUILDING. THAT ASCOT DROPS ON CLEF. IN THE OVA.


(and, yes, I bought some of the chick shaped okashi. haven't tried them yet, though. XD)

then we went to Odaiba - my friend and I worked out that the quickest way to get there would be to use the Yurikamome line. And I spent about five minutes wondering why that sounded so familiar, before my brain kicked in and went FUU. RAYEARTH OVA. Automated train line!!! ...and it was. XD (It was also very cool.)

...and not only did Odaiba turn out to be where the Clef-crushing-building is, but also the place where Umi wakes Selece. (which makes sense, now I think about it. XD)

...and we went across the Rainbow Bridge. XDDD (X, again. XD)

All in all, it was a scarily Rayearth-based day of sightseeing, that one. XDDDDDDDDDD Much fun! (will picspam at some point!)

That was quite the day.  One of these days I'll get to experience that too...I hope.

Yami no Yume / Re: What made your day today?
« on: February 26, 2007, 10:35:34 PM »
My copy of Rayearth came in the mail today!  WHOOOO!!

I got the Fuu disc.  Everything was included too, so I feel giddy.  Sucks that I have to work before I can really dive into it though.

Yami no Yume / Re: What made your day today?
« on: February 20, 2007, 08:47:24 PM »
Knowing that Magic Knight Rayearth and Dragon Force, two Working Designs Sega Saturn titles, will be mine within the next few weeks.

Not to mention the raise on my most recent paycheck.  I got an increase of 73 cents, which drastically made a difference.  With the hours I'm pulling, I'm getting at least half a grand per check now.

I also picked up my copy of Crackdown for the XBox 360 today.  The best way to describe it is GTA mixed with super-powers or enhancing abilities.  It also came with a Halo 3 beta invite, so I get to test that out when it becomes available.

Soon I'll be able to download Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on XBox Live Arcade and I couldn't be happier.  That game rocks so much!

Yeah, I don't think I could go on from this point, so I'll save us all a lot of time where I could be rambling on in some long incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic boring everyone to leave the post without reading what all else I have to say, which is something I don't really want to do because it's kind of rude, you know? XD

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: February 20, 2007, 08:40:51 PM »
Milieva - Thanks.  For the quality of the game, I believe I got away with a helluva deal.  I won't get the game for at least another week...I suspect.  But when I do, I'll be sure to take pictures that way someone will have something to cheer about since it'll be either Hikaru, Fuu, or (if I'm extremely lucky) Umi on the disc.  You should get it just for the sheer awesomeness of owning a piece of Sega Saturn history.

Down - It seems like the best bet.  For the ST Key, I paid $10 plus shipping (which varies depending on where they are shipping to).  The game, if you find the right deal, you could pay less than what I did.  Good luck on your search.

For the record, even though it isn't MKR-related, I purchased a copy of another Working Designs title...Dragon Force.  This game is just as rare as Magic Knight Rayearth, if not rarer.  I paid $85.98 with shipping included in the price.  Thank Mokona I got that raise of my paycheck otherwise I wouldn't have been able to buy either game.

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: February 20, 2007, 04:21:52 AM »
They are region-coded.  You can buy an ST Key which allows you to play any game on a Sega Saturn.  I bought one brand new for $10.  I can provide the site, if you'd like.  I think they even sell Sega Saturn consoles.  If you want the site, I can provide it for you.

If I could read Kanji (if that's the proper text...I'm not sure if it is or not), I would have bought the Japanese version off of eBay for a lot cheaper than what I paid for the US version.

Honto no Shiawase / Re: How is the Saturn game?
« on: February 20, 2007, 02:10:27 AM »
I bought it off of eBay!  I was talking to Milieva over AIM about it.  I caved and bought it.  It should be arriving soon and I'll let you all know which disc I got.  My one hope is that it's the Umi disc.

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