What Extracurricular Activities are you Involved with?

Educational (Academic Team, Math Counts ...)
0 (0%)
Performing Arts (Acting, Show Choir ...)
4 (36.4%)
Visual Arts (2D/3D Art, Drawing and Painting ...)
3 (27.3%)
2 (18.2%)
2 (18.2%)

Total Members Voted: 11

Author Topic: Extracurricular?  (Read 7492 times)


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Re: Extracurricular?
« Reply #15 on: May 28, 2006, 03:02:34 AM »
I used to be in the Anime Club, did a lot of painting, and I was a part time youth leader at my church.  Now I'm a mommy, and find little time to do much, but I still enjoy painting but mainly enjoyed my straight A's this semester. 


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Re: Extracurricular?
« Reply #16 on: June 04, 2006, 05:58:29 PM »
I used to go to classical dance, when I was very young, I went to drawing classes too. I did some tennis, and now I`m planning to do some "salsa" or somthing like that. I`m considerating to join a chorus too. I like to sing very much! ^^
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Re: Extracurricular?
« Reply #17 on: June 06, 2006, 07:52:32 AM »
Man I just realized how much stuff I have done but I still want to do more! Im a jack of all trades! lol. lets see...

Played the violin in elementary, was on the elementary academic team, also during this time I was taking ice skating lessons (for four years- level 3 I think I ended on or something of that sort of official title), began playing trumpet, and started taking Kung Fu lessons right after I stopped taking Ice Skating lessons. (Stopped playing the violin after two years.)

In middle school I slacked off just a little. lol. I was a library aide, not only taking Kung Fuu lessons (started teaching as well to the white, and yellow belts), was in choir (stopped playing the trumpet after a year), began acting (played in three plays= 1 school play and 2 community plays), played softball and was an art club member.

humm.. I usually had a full schedule when I went to highschool I took (and taught) Kung Fu, was in Color Guard (band), was a member of our select choir (and madragal group), actor (played in six plays at school and at community theater) to which I was the lead twice ^.^;,  member of the art club, member of beta and honor club, international club memeber and member of the gifted and talented youths club (commonly known as 'seminar'= basically all the kids who were in AP classes could join this club as long as they had three teacher reccomendations and took more than one AP class).

College caught up with me and I really stopped doing as much as I did. I'm only a member of Art Guild, did Color Guard one year, member of Diversity coalition (webmaster for two years before the club was um... discontinued), member of Clay Club (ceramics club), and holding down two jobs (part time). I would join the gamers guild but I work during the usual times they meet. Meh.

Out of it all I miss color guard, Kung Fu, and seminar the most. T_T I wish I had some more free time or I'd sign up at the local Kung Fu doijo. meh. oh yeah... last year I was in Language Club (chinese). meh. But I only went to like five meetings.

yeah, in college Im a slacker because of my jobs but ahhh well. meh.
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