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Hikari no Tsubasa / Re: Rayearth Embroidery Project
« on: October 14, 2019, 01:01:14 AM »
I still haven't finished it yet actually, i'm terrible and slow and easily distracted. Though I have made progress.

I've heard imgur is pretty decent for hosting.

Romansu no Mori / Re: They Fight Crime
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:37:16 AM »
He's a leather-clad arachnophobic ex-con living undercover at Ringling Bros. Circus. She's a plucky belly-dancing safe cracker with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!

Haha, maybe a fic with Presea and Sierra in it? But who to play the ex-con...Ferio maybe? haha

Romansu no Mori / Re: Rayearth Fanwork Badge Suggestions
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:33:39 AM »
I'm kinda sleepy, but what about badges for different genres? Like on for AU fics? Badge for horror, idk?

Maybe a badge for different sized fics, as in word count? (haha, can we get them granted retroactively? I'm never writing anything as long as Ice and Snow ever again)

I know we mentioned character badges, that one would be a good way to increase fic count for secondary characters.

Mokona no Yume / Re: Contraception in Cephiro
« on: December 02, 2018, 12:46:54 AM »
It's not something that comes up a lot for me in my stuff, but I would guess potions of some sort to prevent pregnancy. I guess you could also say willpower for strong willed people, but that is less reliable than potions, maybe magic charms as well? Even certain plants or herbs, wasn't there supposedly some plant the Roman's used to prevent unwanted pregnancy so much it went exteinct?  I feel like Cephiro would have a lot of options.

Sayonara no Hanataba / Re: Dreamwidth
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:27:20 PM »
I have one as well but i haven't used it since March. I'm VKiera there too.

Goran, Taiyou da yo / Re: NaNoWriMo 2018
« on: November 01, 2018, 03:28:41 PM »
I wish you the best of luck dear, considering the last time I wrote anything that long it took me 10 years I won't be joining in this year  :P

You know, reading all of this, I sometimes wonder if when CLAMP wrote the first season of the manga if they had already planned that Ferio was Emeraude's brother, I mean they do hint at him somehow knowing her in season one, but never really tell you how until season two. You'd never know, really. I think if I recall correctly CLAMP was originally going to stop at just the first three manga? I wonder if making him her brother was something the decided when writing season two later on?

I generally headcannon him as being kind of like Presea he knew the legend of the Magic Knights, but not the full story until after everything went down.

Damn you imagine Clef explaining all that to him and Presea post season one while Cephiro is crumbling and they're trying to create the castle and evacuate everyone to it? Ouch.

It's storming here, guess the trick o'treater won't have much luck getting any candy tonight, it was really bad about 30 mins ago, but it's starting to calm down now. I'm looking forward to the cool weather the storm is bringing in.

Hikari no Tsubasa / Rayearth Embroidery Project
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:18:56 AM »
So I've been sharing these elsewhere but  thought I'd post them here. I'm currently working on turning the Rayearth graphic I made for the 25th anniversary into a patch.

I'm thinking of making more 'patches' as it were, not all of them Rayearth related, but I do have a few more ideas, I think once I have a few more projects finished and if I get enough interest I'll upload them to redbubble so they can be bought as prints, or perhaps stickers. I have ideas for each of the girls at least, maybe more characters later after that.

Goran, Taiyou da yo / Re: NaNoWriMo 2018
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:02:49 AM »
You know, I've actually never done it, don't think I will be this year, work is too stressful for me right now, but I would like to try some day! Though I'm no 100% I'd do something Rayearth related if I did.

Himitsu no Kimochi / Re: How old do you think their siblings are?
« on: October 03, 2018, 12:49:15 AM »
I have yet to write a fic where I've worked any of the siblings into it in any meaningful way, so I've no set ages in mind.

Though the stuff at the start of season 2 is in the morning right? Fuu's about to head out and Umi is having breakfast. So I guess maybe Hikaru is just working out before changing to go to school? So idk what you'd make of her and Masaru not being in uniform. If I were to write her brother's I'd agree Kakeru's about two years older, I'd put Masaru only like 18 months older than him, like they're very close in age in my head. With Satoru in his early 20s?

I'd say Kuu was in her last year of high school.

Anata Ga Oshiete Kureta / Re: a big miscellaneous AU dump?
« on: March 29, 2018, 12:29:22 AM »
Other AUs that I either never got around to mentioning or that have developed since my last post:

  • The Zagato-tells-the-girls-the-truth AU, where the truth about the Magic Knights' duty comes out during the fight with Zagato, the girls say "Hell no!" to the idea and talk Emeraude into changing things. MKR 2 still happens because the massive realignment Emeraude made in a single burst gave the external appearance of her having died. The girls were sent home during that massive burst and their return was caused by the combination of them wanting to make sure that things were working out okay and Emeraude wishing that she could talk to them again.

  • The Better Plan AU, where instead of setting himself up as the villain, Zagato tells the public that Emeraude has secluded herself to pray and meditate on the current disturbances and gets Clef on board with the idea of telling the Magic Knights the truth about their duty as soon as they arrive. The girls end up stuck in Cephiro for several years while helping to work out the problems of reforming the Pillar system. This one was the result of Down pointing out how much of a better plan (hence the name) that would have been on the chat.
  • The S2 Shadow Trio AU. During the anime rewatch last year, VKiera mentioned the idea of Umi and Fuu also having shadows like Nova. The idea latched onto me and refused to let go. It would also probably incorporate the idea Down mentioned during the rewatch of Sierra actually being Presea and pretending to be her own twin is her method of dealing with the trauma of having been buried alive.

I want to read all the things, yes please.

I've always liked the idea of the season 2 big bads being Nova plus a shadow of Umi and Fuu as well, and no Debonair. And if they had dropped the psycho lesbian trope they smothered Nova with. I'm not sure what they'd be up to without Deboniar around, so she might be necessary. It solves the issue for me of season two being a bit too Hikaru-centric for my tastes as well.

My own alternate season 2 has been nudging at me recently, where Emeraude dies and the spell to send the Knights home fails. Hikaru is left in Cephrio to watch it crumble and spends a rather large part of it  having a BSOD moment. Umi somehow ended up in Autozam with a bunch of Autozam's equivalent of child ravengers/scavengers. And I've decided Fuu is going to have to find her way back to Cephrio by country hopping and infiltrating into the royal court of either Farhen or Chizeta.

Oh and Autozam, while also prepping to invade Cephiro is also close to going to war with it's primary trade partner that is attempting to start a coup and reinstate the royal family there again. I'm terrible at writing politics though...

Hahah, oh man, I really will have to plan this one better than I did Ice and Snow or I'll never finish it. But it's on back burner for now anyways.

Himitsu no Kimochi / Re: The OT3 Roles
« on: March 15, 2018, 06:41:13 PM »
Haha, i saw that, its pretty funny.

Person A= Hikaru
Person B=Eagle
Person C =Lantis

Though if you replaced Hikaru with Geo it would be
A= Eagle
B= Lantis

Himitsu no Kimochi / Re: Alcyone: A hated character in MKR
« on: March 14, 2018, 09:15:36 PM »
A lot of what Suz said covered why I don't like Alcyone much. I suppose to be fair she's only in that one volume in the manga so it's hard to say too much about her. Was she in love with Zagato or the idea of him? Did she work under him for Emeraude for years and developed a huge love/admiration for him? Is she really trying to win his affection or is she happy with just serving him? It's hard to say. Though her anime only version gives the feeling she really is trying to win his affection, with apparently no idea he has eyes on for Emeraude until she over hears him tell Emeraude as much.

Bottom line, she's shallow, maybe if she had lived longer in the manga she could have had more to her. Like Caldina and Ascot get in season two. To be fair Lafarge gets about as much development as she does and about as much page time.

Her outfit never really bothered me I guess? She wants to dress sexy have at, Caldina sure does, no one calls her sluty for it.

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