A different type of fidelity (or really, just a way to get Umi/Eagle for a fun)

Started by Milieva, January 13, 2013, 06:30:37 AM

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This is likely due to one too many late night chats with Down that have somehow warped my brain (Sci's probably going to disown me when I write the fic related to this thread, but no matter), but I have come to accept the idea that cultural norms are different in Cephiro.

It started with the idea that there is no such thing as marriage, per se, but that doesn't mean that there doesn't exist some sort of agreement of fidelity amongst couples. And the socially expected parameters of that agreement are a bit broader than ... expected? Like a relationship with someone besides one's consort is perfectly acceptable, if the consort is amiable to it, sort of thing.  And no one would be judgmental of it if they were to hear of it.

So pretty much, so long as all parties agree, it's accepted.   

Like, say we have Hikaru/Lantis/Eagle and Umi/Clef and Umi and Eagle decide to get to know one another a bit better.  If Hikaru, Lantis, and Clef are alright with it... It doesn't matter, right? 

Well, except perhaps back in someone's home country?

And this is where I have ended up in crackfic territory. I've got that fic in my head and half-written. At a ball during a visit from Eagle, Umi gives into an urge and she and Eagle see each other sporadically throughout the month he stays in Cephiro for this visit, the relationship ending when he leaves, and never picking up again. It started as a joke that one of the 14 kids in the fic I posted the other day was quite blond and tall compared to the other 13 (and looked nothing like Clef). (Edit 2018: This is now probably more like five or six kids in total, not 14.)

I'm flailing at the moment. Not sure what I think about this, but the words have been flowing and I just keep cackling. For some reason, Umi and politically dangerous pregnancies seem to be a theme?  Oh dear.



(I really am working on that headcanon/meta about relationships in Cephiro, but I have not got there yet XDD)

Quote from: Down on January 19, 2013, 12:06:07 AM
(I really am working on that headcanon/meta about relationships in Cephiro, but I have not got there yet XDD)

I would love to read something like that. Have you gotten any further with it?
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