A Very Cephiran Tabletop RPG

Started by Mokonalord, August 12, 2015, 01:02:23 AM

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So I have this idea for an Tabletop RPG setup, and felt like sharing with the class.

Basically, the game goes, a group of people in Cephiro join together and go on a quest to save Princess Emeraude. Or maybe they were journeying beforehand and just decided to try saving her when they found out. Whatever works.

Only these people aren't the Magic Knights, so they're doomed to fail. The best they could do is kill Zagato. But hey, the party doesn't know that (or if somebody does, they're keeping it a secret for their own nefarious reasons). And up to that point, it can be an incredibly epic journey through Cephiro. You might even get to meet some of your favorite MKR characters as NPCs, and get a glimpse of what life in Cephiro was like for them pre-Magic Knights.

Character creation: You can't be a Magic Knight. But you could be a sword fighter, a summoner, a mage, a fairy, a beast turned human(ish), some sort of sentient spirit, an artisan, one of the Inner Guard, someone from one of the other worlds who somehow managed to end up on Cephiro, a simple farmer or townsperson way over their head with this whole 'Let's save the world!' nonsense and who even convinced them this quest was a good idea anyway, the list goes on. It's very open-ended. (Fun possibility: Everybody develops their character secretly, only getting approval from the GM to make sure it isn't overpowered or overly implausible or a Magic Knight. They then have to go on the quest with this party, even if it turns out everybody decided to be a mystical pet rock) 

Gameplay: It would probably be more about the role-play than leveling up/developing skills. The strength/magic/general usefulness potential of the characters is going to vary wildly within the group, but it will be theoretically possible for the most useless comic relief character to bring down Zagato with a well-timed "Look, a distraction!" ploy. But there will still be dice-rolling involved, and some skills... In other words, I'm not even sure what's gonna be involved. Hopefully fun.
If your headcanon for Ascot's backstory doesn't make me want to cry, I probably won't believe it.

geez I absolutely love this.  I did some DnD with a couple friends, our DM has been playing since he was a kid iirc but was really cool to us being newbs.  I'm still horrible at it but this I would play.  this I would so play.

the idea to be just Cephirans is definitely good, as is the ~twist~ that you can't really "win" the game.  dang dannggg I love this.  nothing to add except that I love it.
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Late to the party, but this is a fantastic idea.  I kinda want to actually do it.  Like properly play it.

Anyone want to try to organise a Cephrio RPG?