What's on their iPods?

Started by Revolutionaren, February 26, 2015, 05:43:04 PM

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Basically what music would everyone listen to if they had to listen to earth music?

I'll start with Clef who I like to imagine as some secret poser filthy hipster so he'd have stuff like The Beatles, David Bowie and Joy Division. Hardly obscure, but he's into it.
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Okay, I've been wanting to put something for Ascot here the past few days. Problem is, I'm not much of a music person in general, and I can't just give him my tastes because I tend to like stuff I can dance to, and I really don't see him as much of a dancer...

Oh, wait, I got it. Closet Taylor Swift fan. He probably cries over "Teardrops on my Guitar," bless his heart.  ;)
If your headcanon for Ascot's backstory doesn't make me want to cry, I probably won't believe it.

Umi's totally had an MP3 player since they were first released, and it's probably filled with loud bouncy pop music.
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