2012: Season 1: Episode 2 Reaction Post

Started by Milieva, October 14, 2012, 11:30:08 PM

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October 14, 2012, 11:30:08 PM Last Edit: October 20, 2016, 11:54:06 AM by Milieva
This week we are watching Episodes 1 and 2:  Densetsu no Majikku Naito Shidou!
(The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights!)  and  Chinmoku no Mori no Soushi Puresea
(Master Smith Presea of the Forest of Silence).   

The Youtube streamed episodes can be found  on the DNT discussion post : http://rayearth.psynos.net/rewatch-starts-now

This thread is for your thoughts and reactions to EPISODE 2. 

.......I need to not laugh every time the 'last time on~' section shows Clef FALLING INTO THE DEPTHS, don't I. SORRY CLEF.

I love the way that they seem to be making more of an effort to control Cephiro in this - I mean, it's not like Zagato can actually afford to give a damn about Cephiro if he's focusing on the Knights and Emeraude, but having his minions out and about is a)going to be better at keeping people from causing him trouble and b) likely to stop them from going out and GETTING INTO trouble with all the monsters etc about???

Aww, bai bai, Griffin.

.......I love the way even when Fuu's ideas seem ridiculous SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. XD


HEYA MOKONAAAAAA. and PRESEA WITH ALL YOUR EVIL PLANS XDDDDDDDD I love her when she's like this! (and, hee, she's pretty much accusing them of being zashiki warashi? MISCHEVEOUS AND NOT PARTICULARLY HUMAN makes me wonder what kinds of spirit Cephiro has fairy tales about. XDD)

also HI MONSTER-SAN. STOP FIGHTING IN THE LIBRARY >.< ALL THOSE POOR BOOKS D: HIKARU TOO. NO FIRE SPELLS IN THE LIBRARY! Hee, Presea to the rescue~ I love her armoury here. ...Plus, given that Clef stuck here here in the anime, has she MADE ALL THOSE while she was hanging about??? (also THE CANNON hee)

Also the direct comparison to an RPG, I do love it when they point out what they're twisting. XD And the whole 'evolving weapons! CONVENIENT! ...BUT ONLY AS LONG AS YOUR HEART ALSO LEVELS UP.' conversation. HEE.

.........does the armoury HAVE NO LIGHTS? is that why they had to leave the door open?? But no! Door shut and THEY CAN STILL SEE bah. But I love the sense in Fuu's weapons - first she has the bow, which is what she's used to. Then she has to have a sword, because the weapon of the knight has to be a sword - so it's one which takes advantage of her element and makes up for her lack of skill, in that it's so big all she has to do is thump something with it and it's so heavy it'll do the rest with no finesse needed. XDD

*pause to laugh at Umi yelling at the monster XDDD*

This place feels very... Mediterranean? Classical, anyway - all those columns! And there's less of the art nouveau decoration to change the tone of it - the villages all seem very southern-european, too. Which confuses my brain, because the classical feudal model that's being played with is more northern european? Fuu's faith in Hikaru already is so cute - and Umi's not quite trusting anything is rather in character? She really isn't as much a people-person as the other two...

Right, that's it for tonight (PHEW says everyone) as Mum is stealing her laptop back. XD I will now go find the ending track on my ipod to make up for it not being on here. >.>