2012: Season 1: Episode 7 Reaction Post

Started by Milieva, October 30, 2012, 06:27:35 AM

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This week we are watching Episodes 7 and 8: Sutemi no Ferio Sabaku no Koi (Ferio in Desperation?A Love in the Desert)  and  Shoukanshi Asukotto no Kyoufu no Wana (The Terrifying Trap of Summoner Ascot)

Streaming Links and DNT Discussion can be found here:  http://rayearth.psynos.net/rewatch-season-1-episodes-7-and-8/

This tread is for discussion of EPISODE 7.

Thought I'd do the live commentary thing here too, since no one else really seems to post?.

What is the point of those damn orb things in the anime?  Aside from making Ferio seem creepy for listening to the girls' wishes, that is?.  I really preferred the rings in the manga.  It was so sweet. Him listing in on them is just?.  I don't know.   I suppose it works out since he is able to save their lives?.  after he tricks them.

Now, when I see stone!Clef, I can only think about how he's Down's favorite flying buttress. *facpalm*

Did you guys see the GIANT FRUIT when they made it into town?!!

What are these pastries they are eating?  I was under the impression Umi dislikes sweets, so they must be something savory?.  Meat pastries, perhaps?


How freakin' weird would it be to hear your voice coming from Ferio's hand?

Then FUU!!  Why did you go off ALONE to fight the monster?!! I swear her leg looks broken when Ferio runs to her.

And seriously Ferio, you need to stop being so stupid.  Those girls were chosen for a reason. They can and WILL do what they were meant to do. Helping them play into Ascot's trap is not exactly helpful? 


Ascot, dear, you know you friends would stay healthier if you, you know, didn't sic them on the Magic Knights, right? Does it really have to take you most of S1 to figure that out?