2012: Season 1: Episode 8 Reaction Post

Started by Milieva, October 30, 2012, 06:28:00 AM

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This week we are watching Episodes 7 and 8: Sutemi no Ferio Sabaku no Koi (Ferio in Desperation?A Love in the Desert)  and  Shoukanshi Asukotto no Kyoufu no Wana (The Terrifying Trap of Summoner Ascot)

Streaming Links and DNT Discussion can be found here:  http://rayearth.psynos.net/rewatch-season-1-episodes-7-and-8/

This tread is for discussion of EPISODE 8.

These recaps are tiring on the DVDs.   I just watched episode 7, why do I need a recap?


Oh, right.  I remember this episode.   It really pissed me off for many reasons.

Aw, Umi's afraid of ghosts in the forest.  Why do I find that SO CUTE?!


A cyclops golem?  really?   

That little kit thing that Vigor is at first is adorable.  It's sort of how I imagine Gear and Axle having looked as kits when Clef found them.    But I really don't get Hikaru naming it Hikari.  I mean, yeah, she misses her dog, but why would you name something the same name?

Ascot, you know you are just sentencing your adorable creature to death, even if it does have massive evil monster powers.

Hm?.  cute creature you know for a day leads you to a secluded spot?. definitely not a trap, right?


How does the bandage still fit?  IT's not a TARDIS or something.  I don't UNDERSTAND!!  The thing was TINY when Hikaru bandaged it and then it became HUGE!!! Then it's tiny again?!!

Ascot, darling, we talked about this last episode.  If you want to keep you pets alive, we don't try to use them to kill the magic knights.

Umi starting a rain storm is kind of cool.  Just saying. (not just a shower of water, there are dark clouds too)