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Started by Milieva, January 17, 2013, 02:46:51 AM

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That time sounds good to me, too. If I have to go out on Saturdays, it's usually just late mornings/early afternoons. And hey, that timing's perfect for drinking games! That might be a bit of a necessity for me when we get to certain parts of Season 2... *eye twitch*
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Hi guys!
Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you on most Saturdays, as I either go out on Saturday evenings (only on Saturday evenings  :() or I have to work because of my internship. Another Saturday time would be better, but, since you all agree on that time (around 10 pm in the UK, which turns out to be 11 pm in my country), I don't want you to change your plans for me! Maybe I could watch the episodes on my own following your schedule, and then post comments on the chat thread :)

We could probably alternate between Saturdays and Sundays, so everyone has a chance to watch as a group?  Down has flute lessons on Sundays, so I think at least one of us couldn't make it to chats on any given day.

Yes, we could try to do that! Let me know when the rewatch starts!:D

That sounds good to me. Let me know when it starts.
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OK! So..... do we want to start the rewatch this month?  Or next, just to add to the complication of holidays and NaNo?

I make no promises of being around but I can probably work with whatever is scheduled.  if we do November-ish it could be a nice break from NaNo.  oorrrr I might just end up with MKR Feels and neglect my Very Important And Needs Finished Project.

is January too late to stay excited for it?  most of us live places with miserable weather that time of year and it would be nice to chill and fanflail after the holidays.  I can do whenever, tho.
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So, Down and I have discussed it, and think it might be best that if we are hosting it, we should probably be around to participate. We're on holiday the second half of November into December, and won't have internet in there, so it might be best to start when we get back? (It also gives me time to revamp stuff before inviting people to come see it again....)

How does 10 December sound?  We can skip the holiday weekends if we want, or just do chats when we want and leave weekly posts up. 

Perhaps trying to go for 3 episodes a week, so we only have 12 weeks to keep up with, rather than 18?

I look forward to watching Rayearth again! It will be fun to comment on each episode with you guys!
I still don't know whether I'll be able to join you every time, but I'll do my best  :)

I think we decided doing an IRC channel would be fair for everyone.   IT also means that people can come in an out without being invited and no adverts.   Will sort it out and put up instructions closer to time for people to get organised.

I'm definitely up for a December date.
November is the end of the school term and I'll be downing in tests to grade.

that works for me!  I can very likely be there on whichever chat channel is decided and prooobably whichever dates.  I will drag @dinosaurjam into it too ;)  admittedly I'd love to try out IRC but I did enjoy spamming everyone with stickers n shit on hangouts (I otherwise hate hangouts lol). 

honestly though, I think something where anyone (via tumblr/etc) is able to just jump in without approval (like was needed on hangouts) is best!!
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Suz, we can always schedule a special sticker spamable chat for you one week. ;)

December sounds good to me.
Of course I'm normal...I'm 90 degrees off from the rest of the world.