2017 Week 2: Episodes 5-8

Started by Milieva, April 07, 2017, 12:29:12 PM

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This week we will be discussing Season 1: episodes 5-8.  Please mind the rewatch rules.

The official chat will be Sunday 9th April at 19:00 UTC/GMT/Zulu time (3:00 pm in New York, 8:00 pm in London). 

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For those who were wondering during the chat, here's a link to the liveblogger who made the "Evil Toph summons Caterpie" comment:

Of course I'm normal...I'm 90 degrees off from the rest of the world.

I'm playing catch up now with the two episodes I missed while on the road.

5. The water monster, fff when it's a lake and they all jump in that little boat. First thing that crossed my mind was 'gee Fuu nice of you to let Hikaru and Umi do all the work rowing' XD

Interesting comment from Umi, she really hates people who cheat. So underhanded things must really tick her off I bet.

Also am I the only one that finds it weird it took the Princess prompting them to realize they weren't actually fighting their loved ones? (well except for Fuu, fighting herself) Come on Hikaru did the giant glowy red eyes on your dog not indicate any warning bells? None at all? IDK just always felt...a bit odd to me. Maybe if the background had made it appear they were back home I'd have bought it more. As if the spring tricked them into thinking they were back home and being attacked.

And back to what was said in the chat, it'd be freaky if the spring kept you alive if you were defeated and trapped you down there. What if it sucked up you energy/magic and used it to test the next set of would be escudo hunters? oh my...

6. Interesting, Clef is a stone statue but somehow know's Ascot's in the forest of Silence waiting for them? A bit more information might have been nice Clef. Like you know, this guy summons super strong scary monsters, watch out!

Also the flash back to Clef and Presea, the fuck I forgot Clef has transport magic apparently, I totally forgot that.

and Presea so jinxed herself about not dying until she made the swords, not cool Presea!

I wonder if that red ball thing Ascot threw was meant to absorb into someone like that, of if it'd hit the ground it would have just bounced around?

Ascot you lazy little shit, taking a nap during a battle.

I wonder if the girls armor is also made out of escudo? Wonder what Clef had to face to get it? Oh dear, that's a sad thought. Especially if he went to get it after Emeraude imprisoned herself. You imagine the stuff the spring would do to him? oh dear I just gave myself sad Clef feels.

Poor Presea, she's so pretty in her forging dress. So very very art nouveau Clamp, only emeraude has a more art nouveau dress than her. Sometimes I wonder if Rayearth is why I love art nouveau so much. xD

Well actually Umi, it is the time to be impressed, monsters resistant to magic is very impressive, but why do you keep throwing more spells at it? It's not gonna work girls!

Damn that thing gets super ugly fast, sorry I have not love for the caterpillar. Monster glowing blood and all.

Also, once it got to Presea, didn't seem to concerned about finding that red orb thing, but I guess the girl's distracted it. Would it have eaten Presea or something if they weren't there? o_o

Oh lordy, that awkward sword posing, wth Umi?

Fuu you should be using that healing spell right now before she dies! Not just standing there! OMG.

A part of me wishes they'd showed the part with Fuu trying over and over again to heal her they talk about in season two, that would have been very impactful. Instead of everyone standing around being all stoic and stuff.

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Quote from: VKiera on April 10, 2017, 02:47:59 AM
and Presea so jinxed herself about not dying until she made the swords, not cool Presea!

Yeah, she definitely jinxed herself when she said that.
Of course I'm normal...I'm 90 degrees off from the rest of the world.