2017 Week 10: Episodes 37-40

Started by Milieva, June 14, 2017, 08:01:40 PM

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This thread is for the discussion of Season 2: episodes 37-40.  Please mind the rewatch rules.

Finally getting around to writing up my extended thoughts on these episodes, although I'm sure I'll be coming back to this post after rewatching the episodes again.

Episode 37
As amusing as it would have been to see Umi and Aska butting heads, the overall plot definitely works better with Fuu being the one captured by Fahren, since Umi never would have managed to get through to Aska about the limitations and unfairness of the Pillar system the way Fuu does. As a matter of fact, I rather doubt that Umi and Aska would have ever gotten to the point of having the conversation about why Aska wants to be the Pillar.

Ferio narrates the "Coming Next" segment on this episode. The funniest line is "Will I have a bigger role? I've gotten less airtime lately."

Episode 38
There is so much Hikaru/Presea subtext during the scene in Not!Presea's bedroom, especially with the song that's playing. I have to admit that it was probably this scene that made Hikaru/Presea my secondary Hikaru 'ship, 'cause even though I recognized the 'shippy undertones in the manga, they were nowhere near as strong as the ones in this scene.

I really have to agree with MokonaLord that the scene with Umi and Caldina in Ascot's room would have been a great scene for Ascot's confession.

Honest to God, I just cannot with the way Hikaru get swarmed by the birds as soon as Lantis gives his seal of approval.

I will never not be amused by how Eagle kills the moment that Hikaru and Lantis are having. It really seems like he has a sixth sense or something where the two of them are concerned. I mean, this is, what, the third or fourth time his arrival has interrupted a conversation between the two of them?

Caldina narrates the "Coming Next" segment on this episode. The funniest line is "How far has my relationship with Lafarga gone?" *giggle giggle giggle*

Episode 39
Eagle being willing to Umi as a shield against Hikaru at the end of the previous episode and the beginning of this one is a large part of why I feel that one aspect of my "What if Nova didn't kidnap Hikaru from the NSX at the end of Episode 29" AU is fully in character for him. (I say one aspect because it's not just what he is (or isn't) doing, it's also some assumptions Lantis is making based on how well he knows (or doesn't know) Eagle.)

It's a really good thing that the GTO isn't a Mashin, because if it was, Geo would have lost his right leg from the knee down when Hikaru attacked.

The music in the last... third? quarter? Not quite sure... of this episode keeps faking me out into thinking that the episode is almost over because it's too dramatic for the middle of an episode and keeps hitting the highest drama notes on good cliffhanger moments.

I really love the anime's conservation of character at the very beginning of the fight in the residential area, what with reusing not just Mira and her mother, but also the woman that Lantis saved back in Episode 23.

As much as the miscoloring of Lantis' sword amuses me, I honestly have to wonder how the hell that slipped past the entire animation team to make it into the episode.

The end of this episode and the beginning of the next one seriously need a seizure warning for the flashing light.

Ascot narrates the "Coming Next" segment on this episode. There aren't any funny lines, just stupid shipping stuff.

Episode 40
I swear to fucking God, I absolutely HATE the way this episode opens. We already fucking SAW this scene, the animation team didn't have to give Hikaru post-cognition! And they go and fucking compound things by having Zagato flat out TELL Lantis that he's in love with Emeraude and giving Lantis a butchered version of CLEF'S lines from the manga!

Hikaru, you are such an adorable cinnamon roll, but seriously, you sweet, sweet summer child, what on earth makes you think that the pendant Lantis gave you is a WREATH?! Did you not even notice the actual wreath of lilies hanging on the wall in your room?

Ugh! Just... so much ugh! Why did anyone ever think that the entire business with Umi's skirt was worth including?

Honest to God, I really love the (relatively) subtle foreshadowing of who the Pillar candidates are going to be that occurs in this episode.

Lantis narrates the "Coming Next" segment on this episode. The entire segment is hilarious:

Lantis: I am Lantis.
*dead silence*
Primera: Lantis, what are you doing? If you don't say anything, the preview will be over!
*dead silence*
Lantis: *announces the title of the next episode* Watch it.
Primera: Who made Lantis do this?!
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