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Milieva here with the openining of the Rayearth forum Cephiro.

I am the Admin here and whould like to know more about those members that are joining.  Please introduce yourselves.

I have been a fan of rayearth for the past six years and write fanfiction over at under the same pen name. I've been a member of FFN for about as long as I have been a fan of the series. I was there when it was only 25 fic and only five were any good. ^_^

I'm Rogue.  I joined through a link Milieva posted on another forum we both visit.

I've been a CLAMP fan for just over 4 years now.  I started with X/1999 and then I started watching Chobits.  About 3 years ago, I borrowed the first season of Magic Knight Rayearth and was hooked.  I finished it and asked my friend if I could borrow the second season.  I've been a fan ever since.  I started saving my money and picked up the OVA and then started to buy the TV series.

All that's left for me to do is read the manga, which will be my next endeavor after reading xxxHOLiC and Card Captor Sakura (which I watched and liked).

I think most Rayearth fans have some sort of a CLAMP obsession.  I want anything I can find by them, but I hate Tokyo Pop's translations. I own 1-7 of Chobits in Jap., 1-6 of CardCaptor Sakura in Bilingual, Tokyo Pop versions of the entire series of Suki Dakara Suki (Suki), The One I Love, Wish, Magic Knight Rayearth.  I also have 1-5 of the US xXx Holic, and 1-3 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.  Vol 1 RG Veda in Jap.  and Shinshun Kaden. 

Where Rayearth is concerned I have almost anything I can get my hands on.  I have all the DVD's. Most of the CD's and about half of the artbooks.

I blame one Justin Austin for my MKR obsession. He was in my Basic Art class sophomore year in high school and we chatted a lot. He liked Tenchi Muyo!, too, and we both drew anime. He loaned me the first volume of the MKR manga (and showed me the gorgeous copy he'd drawn of Hikaru recieving her fire magic *-*) and I was instantly hooked. Line, sinker and all. I got on the Internet and looked it up and went out the very next day to Suncoast to buy the first VHS. I saw through the entire series in a few months and then eventually read the rest of the manga.

Holy cow, it's been over five years. And though I've taken time the past couple years (since I graduated in '03, really) on other fandoms, I recently crashed HARD back into MKR. (I blame the fact that I've been working on my Fuu/Ferio shrine for its fifth birthday) Heck, I'd still be at this forum if I hadn't, but now I kinda picked up back where I left off in high school: MKR = <3 omgomgomgggg lawl.

I am ob. sessed. with Hououji Fuu in every way... except sexually, I suppose. o_o;
She's the most beautiful girl in all of anime/manga, and possibly the most beautiful character ever. I'm only extremely biased. :x I think I've drawn her more times than both my persona characters combined. Like, hundreds of times in five years.
Fuu/Ferio is my OTP to end all OTPs. Has been for years. I think it always will be. Ferio is my prince. Fuu is my hero. Umi is a goddess. And the Autozam crew needs to come to my place and have a candy party. <3

Ohman... I think there were 98 MKR fics when I started at FFnet. I get so nostalgic.

And I think Cephiro is THE name for the general MKR fandom gathering. Not original... but it just HAS to be the name. :D
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It makes me grin to see how long some of you have loved MKR. I've noticed that a lot of the current fans of Rayearth are ones that have been around for a very long time... Rayearth seems to inspire a lot of, I don't know, loyalty. ^_^ It's just so AWESOME!

Especially compared to you guys, I'm a new fan. I've been a fan of it for probably... just under a year. Sadly, I was introduced to MKR when I was searching for manga that had a rating low enough for my younger brother to read them. T_T

I was completely obsessed after reading through the first volume once. XD

And don't you guys get all nostalgic on me! At least you were around then!! Five/six years ago... I was around... *counts* 8/9 years old? Eckk.

But Clef, it is new fans like you that keep the fandom alive. Even if it is fans like you that make fans like us feel old. ^_^ 

And props for being first to join.  Took you a while to post, though. :P

Do I really make you feel old? Now I feel special. ^_^

Well, HEY. I was busy working on my ten page research report that's due tommorow. *pout* And my LA paper, also due tommorow... and we can't forget the big!important!test on the branches of the government...

Hey all! I'm Syv, pleased to meet you all! Oooh!! Wonderful Rayearth fans!!!! :D

Haha, anyway, what's my story? Well... when I was a kid, I used to watch all these cartoons and had no idea at all they were anime! Among my favorites, well, I used to watch Sailormoon, MKR, Daimos, Voltes V and all those other "old" cartoons. I only found out what anime was when I was like in... Grade 3 or 4? I had this seatmate who was a total anime fan and after talking with her sometimes during class, I was introduced to anime. My first anime obsession ever was Fushigi Yuugi, then I started checking out more anime. I became hooked on MKR again like.... I don't know, 4 years ago? Haha, doesn't matter when. Point is, I LOVE MKR!!! And all CLAMP works actually. I've watched the entire series of CCS which I borrowed from my friend. I've watched some eps of Chobits and Angelic Layer. I'm trying to collect manga now and I have... up to Vol. 4 of Tsubasa, Vol. 1 of Chobits, xxxHolic and Tokyo Babylon. Heehee, you know, I don't even like yaoi/yuri and I bought Tokyo Babylon not knowing it was yaoi just 'coz it's CLAMP. :P

Anyway, my fave pairing is HIKARU AND LANTIS!!!!! They are SOOOOOO meant to be together!!!! :P Haha, and my fave character is Hikaru! I don't know why but my fave characters are usually the main characters like Sakura from CCS, Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi.... I think it's 'coz they all have that sort of childlike quality to them. :P Whatever the case, I like Hikaru and that's that. :P

And I realize my intro is getting long......... Heehee. Hope to see you all then!


*is happy with turn out*  6 members in less than 48 hours is a good turn out in my book.   Please invite your frineds and make this forum active enough that others will want to join it. ^_^

Welcome to the forum.  We are not a large enough organization to offer refreshments, but please feel free to visit the cafeteria down the hall.  ^_^ Tell them we sent you.

I am sciathan_file and Rayearth was the first anime I ever watched...but I really ony became interested in fandom last year.  I write fanfiction occasionally, mostly Clemi or character introspectives, or weird fics focused on small supporting characters (go to my livejournal at the same name if you like).  I do agree that most Rayearth fans are also Clamp fans...I am currently obsessed with xxxHolic, I've always loved Cardcaptor Sakura, I really don't like Chobits..., I also read Tsubasa, although I am beginning to wish there was more plot to it.  That is all I can think of at the moment...
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Well, hey there! =D I am Ai, and as you can probably tell from the little notice up there, I'm new. xD I am the Adoptive Older Sisseh of Lil' miss Madoushi_Clef, who I will often call Rae-chan just because, and I am also quite new to the fandom. =D Yup. Compared to all of ya'll on the forum who've been obsessed for years, I'm quite the newbie.

Anyway, I became interested in Rayearth when a friend of mine enlisted me into her Cosplay group. I shall be Cosplaying as Fuu Hououji for METROCON this coming June, right here in Tampa, Florida. <3 Actually, I'm from Ocala, but Tampa is close enough. And METROCON .. is comepletely awesome. ^^

Since my recent obsession, I've read the entire manga series of Rayearth, and I've seen and own every episode of the television series. I have yet to see the OAV, but from what I hear of it, It shall be an event to remember. ^^

I write Rayearth fanfiction, and my main OTP is Ferio/Fuu. <3 Long Live Ferio/Fuu!

... Allrighty, I do believe I'm finished with my introduction! ^^
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I have been a rayearth fan for a little while now, maybe a year or more.  I don't get to use the computer much.  I found this forum through Milieva.  (I promise to be good this time, don't ban me)

My favorite Clamp series is Wish.  Has any one noticed that in the movie Constantine, that Gabriel looks like Kohaku?
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Toby, don't upset members this time and I won't ban you. 

One another note: we now have 10 Members.  If anyone can kidnap and black mail invite some new members, maybe this forum can gain even more life.  Thank you all for joining, I enjoy talking to you all.

Quote from: Milieva on March 21, 2006, 09:19:48 PMOne another note: we now have 10 Members.  If anyone can kidnap and black mail invite some new members, maybe this forum can gain even more life.  Thank you all for joining, I enjoy talking to you all.

I've told my sister many times that she needs to come. She'd be a joy to have on the board, too, but she claims that school takes up her every breath. BAH. I'll hassle her more tonight. ^_^
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I'm doing the same to some friends of mine.  If I twist hard enough ask nicely again they might join.