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Dakishimechau! / Re: 10th Anniversary Meet-Up (2016)
January 18, 2016, 07:58:54 AM
I am arriving in London on 10th  March 2016 in the morning and leaving England in the evening on the 19th March.

Can't wait to see you all! When will everyone be in London?
Anata Ga Oshiete Kureta / Re: OC Show and Tell
November 26, 2015, 03:36:37 AM

Thank you for sharing your OCs!

I used to be very against OCs but my friend Adiaskyfire persuaded me to add two extra characters to 'Flowers Will Bloom Without a Pillar" than I added more and more.  The reason I add them is not just because of Adiaskyfire, but also I feel there should be more people protecting the civilians other than Lafarga, Ferio, Caldinia, Ascot, Clef and Lantis!

Here are the description of my existing ones and they are blatantly based on  characters from my other favorite shows.

Amati: A priest of Cephiro, have dark blue hair, sharp blue gray eyes, handsome, tough and strong, appears stern and standoffish but is very kind deep down. He has a crosier which shoots lightning sparks. He can even conjure a lightning phoenix which is like the equivalent of a patronus. He believes Cephiro would rise on its own again like a Phoenix.

Kendrah: Amati's love interest. She has long dark hair and bluebell coloured eyes. She is elegant, refined, very pretty. She is the daugher of the mayor of the village where Mira and her friend lives. She  maintains an elegant, genteel air and smiles no matter what she thinks
She plays the harp and her weapon is a naginata that shoots bluebell coloured flames.

Zenvo: An ice prince with blond hair and ice blue eyes.  He is  like the archetypal prince charming and well loved by the children He reminds the knights of a strong and graceful white swan.   His charming manners and radiant smiles  hides the sorrow he has of losing a loved one in the past.
His weapon is a wand that shoot icicles out.

Giovanna: Amati's younger sister, has long green ringlets and white skin and big turquoise eyes.  Wears a red dress, uses chains to fight but she has highly destructive wind powers she resorts to only when all else fails.  She looks like an ingenue princess but is much more than that.
I am sure Clef would turn into adult shape very soon after the manga timeline ends... :)
Zagato did say " for goodness sake" in my fic.
I know it is a minor thing, but I was mightily annoyed when i went clothes shopping yesterday, both of the tops i wanted got sold out and all they left was the one on display!
Yami no Yume / Re: Other than MKR?
May 09, 2015, 03:38:25 AM
Dear Ithil:

I didn't realize you replied me until now.  :P. Thank you so much! I feel rather alone because there are so few people who are  fan of both my favorite shows.

I am a capricorn but I am not a big fan of Shura, I have a crush on Saga, but forgot to mention it.

Have you by any chance listened to Los Guardianes del Universo? It was the opening for SS in Latin America. I stumbled across it on youtube and it has became an earworm for me, i listened to it on youtube over 100 times.

I love Caldina for her friendliness and her outgoing nature. She befriended the Magic Knights so quickly after her hell face turn and have rooted for them ever since. She is someone I love to be friends with.

In the anime, her interactions with Ascot are very sweet too. Always a caring big sister to the lonely boy. I hope Ascot will get the friendship and love he always yearned for through Caldina.
Yami no Yume / Re: Other than MKR?
April 16, 2015, 02:11:41 AM
Dear Ithil:

May I high five with you? I am over the moon to have met another Rayearth Fan who also likes Saint Seiya! There are not many people I know who happens to like both of my favorites works!

I fell in love with Saint Seiya when I was 12, but was not allowed to watch it because of the violence, I am still obsessed with it after 22 years.

My favorite characters are of course, the 5 protagonists and the Gold Saints and Athena, Hades, Poseidon, Hilda and Freya too.

Hope to hear from you again!.

Antoinette Veronica

Everyone knows Cephirans live much longer than Earthings, but I am confused whether they could remain youthful.

In the manga, all Cephirans look young, regardless whether the person is a magic user or not. The characters who looks the most mature looks like Earthlings in their late twenties.

But in the anime, we saw some civilians who really look elderly, do you think it is a mistake?

Personally, Cephiran being a land of will, I believe even the ordinary civilians can also remain youthful in looks until the day they die.

I am amusing myself thinking, if Cephirans could stay youthful in appearance throughout their lifespans, parents and grandparents will look just like the older sibilings of their grown up children and even grandchildren...

Yami no Yume / Re: Other than 'Other than MKR?'
October 16, 2014, 04:30:21 PM
Should have replied to this post earlier.

I got non anime fandoms too:

Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, I always love the idea of things we don't know hidden away from the normal world.

I always like Shakespeare since I was at school, unfortunately i could not pursue literature as I am a science student

I also keep reading books about plants in my spare time due to my occupation (i guess i went off topic), that's all really, I am not that cultured.
Setsunakute / Re: What are you listening to?
July 30, 2014, 04:20:14 AM
Shall I revive an old thread?

I happened to be in a record shop yesterday and they got the album from Secret Garden " Just the Two of Us" on, I was drawn to the song " Song from a Secret Garden" and immediately purchased the CD.

I am listening to it now, that album is good for background music for work

That song seemed fitting to Zagato and Emeraude, anyone agree?

Dakishimechau! / Re: Chat/Message App
July 30, 2014, 04:13:23 AM
I an on Kik now, user name the same as my user name in the forum
Quote from: Trin-nya on May 23, 2014, 09:57:14 PM
I wasn't to sure I should bring this back after eight years of dormancy, but I'm doing it anyway!!

On the subject of the circlet melting, I am almost 10,000% convinced that it was Mokona's way of showing/telling Clef that he doesn't have to worry and harbor all the hardship on his own as much. Also, I also like to imagine it as Emeraude's way of an apology too~ 

Clef is indeed working very hard for the country, I think of him as an equivalent to the Pillar during Season 2, it is especially evident in the anime when he tried to uphold the castle's integrity on his own! (headscratcher: where are the other mages who are supposed to be part of the "team" Clef mentioned in the beginning that maintained the castle?) He looked so strained and exhausted with Sierra on the verge of tears knowing he would have collapsed if not for his immense willpower) .

I agree with Trin',  but it also saddens me that maybe Mokona had told him he should not harbor everything on his own, he was still the one doing most of the hard work after the Pillar system dissolved, for example he was the one having the work meetings with Geo and Tarta and Tatra (where are the other council members?)
Yami no Yume / Re: What made your day today?
June 22, 2014, 05:55:25 PM
I should have made this post on 17 June, Tuesday, it was the day when I got in touch with a long lost friend.

I lost touch with my friend Elsie who I was very close to when I was at school, I last spoke to her in 2009. I had been through some very depressing times and did not get in touch with this friend but she did not contact me either.

I tried to find Elsie recently through email, her email went defunct, and I tried emailing her younger sister too, but got no response, I thought all hope was lost and was contemplating to mention this on facebook hoping there would be other school  friends who know her whereabouts.

Then I find Elsie's mobile number in an old diary, I added this number to my contact and sent a whatsapp to this number to ask if the owner of this mobile number is Elsie ( there is no profile photo so I could not tell) and it she was still using this number and she was so pleased I found her again!

Mokona no Yume / Re: Fanon Beliefs
April 26, 2014, 02:15:11 AM
I also wanted to explore how much the commoners know.

No one has ever gone into this so I am over the moon to see your post!

I like your head canon that Clef wouldn't want  the public to know that Emeraude had summoned the Magic Knights to kill her because she had fallen in love with Zagato and he said Zagato kidnapped Emeraude because he went mad when Em would not return his feelings

Your head canon is really logical and it could be what happened.