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Title: Drabble Dump (100 words or less)
Post by: Milieva on March 01, 2013, 05:24:58 AM
A place to post fics of about 100 words or less. That is the challenge. 

This is a bit of nonsense from my current fic series

Naming the Game  (100 words exactly)

Umi picked up cards off the table. ?I think that the person who has most recently given birth gets to chose the next game.?

?Just because you pushed a little person out of your nether parts doesn?t make you anymore special, Missy,? Caldina snapped.

?My house. My choice,? Umi declared, undaunted.

At this point, Clef raised his hand to interject that it was, in fact, his house, but quickly thought better of the idea and shut his mouth. As the mage leaned back in his chair, LaFarga patted his shoulder in sympathy.

It was going to be a long visit.
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Post by: Down on March 01, 2013, 08:12:04 PM

HEH. Oh dear.

(...drabble threads are the ones I allllllllllllllways contribute the least to. XD)
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Post by: suzanami on March 04, 2013, 02:14:05 AM
Sad Eyes and Gold Hair [100 words]

Sometimes, just for a second, out of the corner of his eye or in the morning when his vision is still blurry or if he's had too much to drink, she looks just the tiniest bit like his sister.  He hadn't seen Emeraude in many years before the summoning of the Knights, though he suspected she had looked much the same up until the end.  Some nights when he can't sleep and he misses his sister to the point where his chest aches, he has the shameful but somewhat comforting thought that perhaps he traded one treasured person for another.
Title: Re: Drabble Dump (100 words or less)
Post by: shinomu on March 08, 2013, 01:57:05 AM
It's a little over 100, uh sorry? I'm trying to write more. XD

The sound of thousands of people chattering inside the dome pulsated through the entire building, running up the bodies and making everything vibrate. From the top of the stand, the view was a mixture of ululating colors and shapes, creating a brilliant sea of people and banners. It was the first time a young Hikaru travelled outside of Cephiro and it was nothing like she?s ever seen before.

Autozam?s jousts fitted the definition of alien. There were no apparent knights and swords and horses, but huge robots instead, the stuff from a foreign dream. Even though there was no magic in Autozam, they had this other thing ? electricity ? that could produce the most amazing effects. But to be honest, little Hikaru thought it seemed to work just like Master Mage Clef?s scary lightings, it was just mastered a different way.
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*highly enjoying reading drabbles* *tried to write one and made 750 words* oops
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Post by: Mokonalord on February 26, 2015, 03:24:52 AM
They told him there was no such thing as magic and no such place as Cephiro. They told him he was making it up, creating worlds in his head to distract him from the one in which he'd been found practically dead in the rubble. Not that anyone blamed him. How could they expect this apparent orphan to react rationally to his new reality as a quadriplegic? But it was real, Ascot would insist. Magic did exist, he was a powerful warlock, and if he could just go back-
Nobody was surprised to see him admitted to the psych ward.

(Yes, I just did an OVA drabble. Gonna go cry now.)
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Post by: shinomu on May 14, 2015, 04:41:16 PM
As the clock ticked by, so did his sanity. Neither for the first nor the last time did Clef wonder if he was tuning completely mad.

But as long as he sat alone with his own mind, he?d never stop questioning himself. Himself, his lucidness, his past. His memories. They could have already started to play tricks on him, for all he knew. And it certainly wasn?t a great condition to find himself in, a space between  worlds with a head that kept eluding.
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*pets the drabbles* :)