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Round Robin: Rules and Example
« on: April 21, 2007, 10:00:59 PM »

1. Keep it PG-13, since anyone can view the forum.
2. No flaming, harassing, or dissing other writers.
3. Try to keep an open mind with pairings, and if you have different ideas about a pairing feel free to start another round robin.
4. Have fun.

What is a Round Robin?[/b]
a Round robin is a story where in several people have their hand all controlling the plot, characters and so forth in a random way. Its like one person starts the story, another adds on to it, and it continues that way.?

Like say I write:

The sun glared feverishly over the Cephirean landscape. Pastel rays inching ever towards the end of the world, waiting before they slipped unceremoniously off of the horizon. It gave Umi the chills to watch the alien landscape twist from day to night. Turning her gaze towards the east she paused. A lone figure stood brazenly against the onslaught of night, as if he alone could keep it at bay.

I would then post and mils might write the next part like so:

Clef had no concept of time, watching Umi view the sunset. The sapphire shade of her hair mulling purple in the hues of light. It left him breathless, the moment stretching on into infinity in the barest of seconds it passed. His lips thinned, as he prepared to say what was on his mind. What they both knew already, yet too afraid to speak.

And it would continue with each person adding new stuff on, more characters, different situations and places. Its like a fic involving several writers. Rather fun when you have several different cooks in the kitchen.

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